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LE GEEK C’EST CHIC: Catwoman or Black Widow for Halloween? Do Both!

Halloween is only two days away and it falls on a Wednesday this year, so by now you’ve either exhausted your costume options or are starting to panic because you don’t have any. Lucky for you, the two hottest nerdy costumes this year are the Black Widow and Catwoman, courtesy of Joss Whedon and Chris Nolan respectively, and both directors appeared to give their wardrobe department the same brief for their female leads: tight black catsuit and lots of hardwear. Which means if you get your basics right, you can switch from one to another quicker than Clark Kent turns into Superman, giving you the option to do a quick costume change if you see someone in the same outfit or, even better, doing the trick or treat rounds twice and doubling your candy. Two-Face, eat your heart out!

Selena Kyle or Natasha Romanoff?

So here’s your four step guide to making a two-in-one Halloween costume (that’s right, only four steps!):


1) Dig out a black catsuit (PVC, leather or jersey will do, as long as it’s snug), leather boots (knee high or thigh high) and chunky black belt (if you know anyone with a heavy duty black rucksack, grab the belt off of that).


2) You’ll need two pairs of black leather gloves:¬†full fingered and elbow high for Catwoman, fingerless for Black Widow. Stash the one you’re not wearing.


3) Finishing touches…


Black Widow: To complete the look you need the bracelets, so purchase a cheap ‘bullet belt’ from your local costume store. The bullets can be clipped together to make the belt as short or long as you want so just clip enough together make two wristcuffs and you’re done. If you have time, spray black.


Catwoman: For the domino mask purchase some cheap lace from a haberdashery and cut a domino mask shape out of it, leaving enough length on each side to gather and tie at the back of your head. For the goggles, purchase a pair of black motorcycle goggles (or, if you’re really stuck, black swimming goggles). Then get some black card and cut out two big triangles scaled to fit the goggles. Using double sided tape or glue, stick the ears onto the sides of the goggles (the flat sides facing each other, rather than out) to create a cat-ears silhouette when worn on top of your head.


4) You’ll need brunette hair for Catwoman and red for Black Widow so either use your natural hair + a wig or, if you’re blonde, two wigs.


Black Widow or Catwoman?


If you dress up as either Catwoman or Black Widow for Halloween this year send us your photos (editor@unleashthefanboy.com) and we’ll publish the best.


Disclaimer: Do not use this guide for cosplay at San Diego Comic Con otherwise even Batman won’t be able to save you. (We’ll do a full on cosplay post later in the year).

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