DOCTOR STRANGE Could Be The Best Marvel Movie Yet

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Lately, there has been talks of strange. No, I’m not talking about female body parts. I’m talking about Doctor Strange, Marvel Comics’ master of the mystic arts and Sorcerer Supreme (that’s his actual title by the way). Soon to be one of the newest additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, you’d think he’d be welcome by anyone who has seen any past films made by Marvel Studios. Sadly there has been a lot of negativity involving his role in the MCU from both the online community and from friends of mine. Ever since his subtle name drop in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, people are wondering how someone like him could fit into a world that involves people like Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and others. Well true believer, I’m more than happy to tell you.


First off, let’s go with story. Stephen Strange was a brilliant but arrogant surgeon who cared less about helping people and more about his money and prestige. One night, a car accident led to serious damage in the nerves of his hands, ensuring he could not perform surgery again. Unwilling to be a consultant or teacher, Strange spent his fortune traveling the world, seeking a way to restore said hands. Eventually, he ended up in Tibet where he met the Ancient One, a centuries-old mystic who served as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. The Ancient One not only fixed his hands (somewhat), but offered Strange a new purpose in life to replace the medical profession he’d lost as the new Sorcerer Supreme. So… a rich and arrogant genius who gets into a life-changing accident that reshapes them into a hero and protector. Sounds like a certain armored hero in the MCU doesn’t it?


Next, let’s talk about the aspect of magic. We all live in a world where science and technology is the answer for everything. And let’s face it, a majority of Marvel Comics’ characters are rooted in the science world. Because of that, I can understand how some people might be turned off by the aspect of a magical hero in the MCU. Except we already have that in Thor. I mean seriously, even if some forms of technology was shown in his movies, we’re talking about a Norse god who wields a hammer that summons lightning and comes to Earth through a rainbow bridge. Plus, wasn’t the Orb of Agomotto, one of Strange’s famous tools, in Odin’s vault? It seems Marvel has been subtlety preparing us for Doctor Strange years in advance. A film about him would not only connect to other magical characters like Thor and Loki, but also draw in movie goers who are more into fantasy, making sure that there’s a Marvel film for everyone to enjoy. We all know the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy is going to draw in the Star Wars/Star Trek/Firefly crowd, so Doctor Strange would pull in fans of Thor, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Grimm, and others.


I parked my car somewhere here…

But what about the visual aspects of the films? I’m glad you asked. Superhero films often have to be just as visually appealing as their comic book counterpart, if not more so, to draw in crowds who aren’t that familiar with them. Honestly this is where Doctor Strange could shine brighter than any other Marvel franchise. Created during the artsy and beatnik days of the 1960s, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Strange to be a visual representative of that era. Ditko’s work specifically pushed the boundaries of the growing Marvel Universe by immersing Strange in worlds that were more colorful and awe-inspiring than places even the Fantastic Four have visited. To me, that artwork looks like a literal acid trip, only comparable by Ditko’s later work on the Silver Surfer.  If Marvel really wants to establish this movie, they and director Scott Derrickson will have to focus on the having the film be a visual testament to those early Lee/Ditko stories, just as they used Jack Kirby’s version of Asgard as inspiration in the Thor films.


Lastly, let’s focus on female leads. What would a superhero film without a love interest? An actual superhero film in my opinion, but I digress. Marvel Studios has made it their business to not only adopt this concept, but to make sure that the ladies in their movies aren’t simply damsels in distress. From the tough as nails Peggy Carter to the ass-kicking Black Widow, women get their due in Marvel. For Doctor Strange there’s no better love interest than Clea. For those who don’t know, Clea is Doctor Strange’s estranged wife and former pupil, not to mention the niece of Dormammu, one of Strange’s greatest enemies. This silver haired beauty is as powerful as Strange himself, and is one of the few constants in his otherwise crazy life. Even when they are dimensions apart, fate somehow brings them back together. Writing her into the movie would be easy enough, especially if Dormammu is the main villain.  Besides, hooking up with your mortal enemy’s hot niece? That’s going to lead to some angry mystical battles!

So you see, Doctor Strange isn’t that much different from the rest of Marvel’s characters. The question to ask now is how could he NOT fit in with the rest of them???

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  • Brian Rawls

    I personally hope Scott Derrickson will tap into his Horror roots and craft Doctor Strange as a mystical film with a sort of Action-Horror vibe, not unlike Hellboy.

  • TheGoddamnBader

    One thing I dont understand about people who think Doctor Strange cant fit in the MCU is just that… why do people even need to consciously think about suspending their disbelief to enjoy the story? Its a story about a sorcerer. Magic and sorcery are staples of fiction and fantasy, so I dont see why people are acting like it’s such a big deal to introduce magic?

    People dont act this way when it comes to the comic books. The movies are all based on a universe in which ALL of these aspects: scientific, technological and magical exist at the same time, in the same world, WITH NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER.

    Next thing you know, people are gonna start saying that a movie about a guy with a fancy scientific suit that allows him to shrink is TOO WACKY AND WEIRD FOR AUDIENCES– ow wait. Never mind.

    • Héctor González Pulido

      Saying magic doesn’t fit it’s ridiculous when we have had Loki casting illusions, becoming invisible and hypnotizing people. In agents of SHIELD we had Lorelei bewitching men. And I guess Kurse, a plain black elf who becomes a massive monster by wearing a mask, has a solid scientific explanation.

  • Bill T.

    I’ve been waiting for a good Dr. Strange movie for decades. Now is the time for an excellent one.

  • WildatHeart95

    I seriously can’t wait for the dr starnge movie to come out. his character is pretty amazing. I’m really hoping they find the right actor for him- like luke evans.

  • neechi

    Agreed. Doctor Strange rocks. I’m thinking a visual basis from movies such as ‘Danger: Diabolic’, ‘Modesty Blaise’, et al, for a colour palate and fun flare. Added a cool score by Henry Jackman, and a few Floyd inspired (or actual Pink Floyd – early Floyd – they were after all inspired by Doctor Strange comics.) tracks. Throw in some out of this world space type scenes and Nebula’s and trippy ‘Alice In Wonderland’ type madness. Borrow heavily the mood from Alice In Wonderland for scripting. Use the actual comics as a story board. Ignore the previous Films. And you have a run-away hit coming.

    One small matter, Doctor Who is SF not magic based. Sure it has links to Horror, and certain sciences look like magic, and Doctor Who has embraced all forms of story-telling, including Magic and Daemons. BUT it is SCIENCE FICTION! &-)