It’s Saturday and there’s no doubt that attendance grew as San Diego welcomed in a full barrage of fanboys and fangirls at their fabled Comic-Con International.

As Justin Mouton and I wandered the showroom floor, we took lots of pretty pictures and attempted to squeeze through the traffic with minimal contact. With all the craziness and media attention surrounding this pop culture extravaganza the attendees, for the most part, still remain decent and respectable. Case and point: 9 out of 10 times when I got bumped I apologized and so did my bumpee.

SDCC the Crowd B Widescreen

On the docket today was a series of interviews with creators that I’ve been a fan of for quite some time. From Dark Horse to DC then Darby Pop their PR reps made it possible for us to chat with authors and artists that challenge and move their respective literary lines. I was also fortunate enough to spot a familiar friend.

There were so many impressive cosplayers on scene, with exceptional outfits to boot that it made all the nearly endless lines and wall-to-wall traffic downright entertaining. And so the third day wraps up in a way that just amazes as this large scale event continues to be worthy.

SDCC Industry Talent Widescreen

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