Here we go again! The alarms went off and Justin Mouton and I rolled out to our taxi as we made our way to the San Diego Convention Center.

We had a lot of scheduled goals going into the second day. Interviews with industry talent, press rooms, conferences, gain additions to our cosplay gallery and of course some fun here and there. Lots of sweet sweat dripped and fell as we ran back and forth between the Hilton San Diego Bayfront and the massive grounds of Comic-Con International.

Horns Press Conference Widescreen

I had a conversation yesterday with a fellow fanboy who told me that SDCC is completely different from any other show. I disagree. This wonderful marathon / sprint holds the one thing that just about all the smaller venues offer: a safe place for their enthusiasts to be themselves. It’s that local shop mentality magnified, as we see everyone ready to push their ideas and favored brands in an environment that embraces anything and absolutely everything.

From talking to the COO of Top Cow, Matt Hawkins, to chit chatting with an actor who gets to dress up as some seriously cool and outlandish characters, Douglas Tait, the entire odyssey was just a blast. I simply can’t wait for day three to get going.

Cosplay in the Streets Widescreen

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