Zombies vs Robots #2 Review


What happens when the world has been nuked and the dead come back to life? What happens if you add robots to that? And what happens when people that have been space want to come back? You might not get all the answers buy you will get some in this. Read on to find out more.

“Inherit the Earth!,” part 2! Even on a dead, nuked Earth, the zombies remain. But how? And both the dead and some of the bots seem to have gained sentience? But why? Also: new humans join the fight? But who? Some answers and more questions are presented here! And in “The Orphan,” part 2, a new friendship is threatened by, of course, hordes of zombies and one very disturbed robot.

Robots vs Zombies is a really interesting comic that I enjoyed when it first came out and now the ZvR-2014-02-pr-3-3ac6eawesome second issue is out and I must say that it is totally worth reading. This issue starts with the crew in space not like their commander wanting to go back to Earth, which was considered uninhabitable and the crew thinks that he is crazy but there are other beings coming back to Earth and that is sort of revealed. We get some good moments of characterization and some really cool reveals. It is worth checking out.

Chris Ryall and Steve Niles have a great partnership and really know how to write a comic. They have a fantastic story here and they will continue to do an amazing job.

Anthony Diecidue and Val Mayerik have some great visuals with this comic book. It is gritty and fun. It is also not perfect but that is okay for this story. I really love it.

Zombies vs Robots are really doing something new and fun.

+A fresh take on the zombie genre +A wonderful look at the world after the big fallout +Visually stunning +Gritty and fun

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