Zero #2 Review


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What does it take to be a killing machine? Read on to find out.

Official Description:

“Shanghai, 2019. An opulent skyscraper party full of terrorists looking for fresh funding. Edward Zero is about to sabotage it big time — and then the skyscraper starts to vanish, bit by bit. So maybe he should look into that first?” 

The second issue of the installment of the series Zero deals more with Zero’s training and what it takes to become the agent that he is. comics-zero-1-coverLet’s just say it isn’t a cake walk. There are lot’s of tests and rigorous training, especially the Hole. Now one thing in particular that is good, is Zero’s first mission. I won’t ruin it but it is pretty intense and really makes you think about what he had to get through to become the killing machine that he is. It is pretty good.

Ales Kot is someone that we need to keep writing. I mean the way that he uses the interior monologues to help drive the story is perfect for this particular character. The biggest thing about this comic is that the characters don’t have as traditional emotions as other comic because the story isn’t about that. However, we get what the character is thinking because of the internal dialogue. Kot does an amazing job of conveying the thoughts through that style and it works. It was exciting and when it needed to drag, for story purposes, it was still entertaining.

The art is fantastic. I just had to say it right there. I mean really spot on stuff and it is different. It’s not over the top but it’s not undershot either. It’s new and exciting and really compliments the words of KotJordie Bellaire has a way of captivating the audience with his art.

Overall, it was fun, exciting, and cool. I give this issue 5 out 5.

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