Young Avengers #3 Review

Billy & Ted take Loki (against his will I might add) to Asgardia in order to find a way to loosen Teddie’s mom’s control over the adults. However, Loki’s father Laufey has other plans for the intrepid teenagers.

Here is the summary from Marvel:

A Fight scene, probably.And another one, but this time in a club. Plentiful feels. (aka “Meaningful emotional character beats” for people who aren’t on tumblr) The fakest ID in history.

Billy & Ted are having their hands full with Laufey, and he is one pissed off Frost Giant. However, they get some unlikely help from the “plucky” Miss America Chavez, who is running away from her own parental problems. The three escape, and oddly enough end up Mary Jane Watson’s club New York (which the young Loki seems to be a regular of, who knew he liked to party?). They discuss their options…but Teddie’s crazy mom has other plans.

Kieron Gillen continues to offer a unique story which feels like it is being told by teenagers. They don’t know what’s going on but they are trying to fix it. Things fall apart and come together as Loki tries to get the group to trust him but doesn’t quite get the vote of confidence he was looking for. Miss America (who is probably my favorite character in the book next to Loki) is a treat. With her crass language and hot blooded attitude she is definitely something new here. Teddie’s mom is still creepy as the reasoning behind her brainwashing is still unknown.

Jamie McKelvie’s art is still the highlight of the book (the script is good too though). Still giving the necessary details and everything fits. The action scenes are done really well, with a few splash pages thrown in for good measure. The colors are bright when they need to be and muddled where they need to be as well.The panels flow very well and add to the overall appeal of the book.

Young Avengers #3 is another good helping of fun. More of the cast continues to creep in as the story continues on. The story is still entertaining and as always the art is still fantastic. Filled with fun characters, nice humor, and fluid action. This is another NOW title you should be reading.


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