YI SOON SHIN: Fallen Avenger #1 Review

The war rages on! Battle after battle, Yi Soon Shin proves himself invincible at sea, but inner turmoil and old battle scars may yet get the best of our beloved Warrior and Defender…

Here’s the official description from the creators:

The YI SOON SHIN Trilogy continues with this brand new arc that picks up right after the shocking conclusion of YI SOON SHIN: WARRIOR AND DEFENDER! In FALLEN AVENGER, 5 years have passed since Admiral Yi defeated Wakizaka Yasuharu at the Battle of Hansando. The years have been cruel and now Korea’s legendary hero finds himself at the mercy of the samurai invaders that have come to conquer his country, persecuted by his own King, and tormented by his arch-nemesis, Baron Seo. As Admiral Yi faces his darkest hour, Korea’s fate hangs in the balance. This is the story of the warrior and defender–beaten, bloodied, and BROKEN!

FIVE YEARS have passed since the previous chapter in this story brought itself to a shocking conclusion…5 long and treacherous years for Yi Soon Shin and his men. They have endured deadly winters, disease and starvation, yet nothing could prepare them for what is revealed near the end of this issue. Whether it was tiring nerves, new found morality, or some new level of deception, only time and the following issues will tell how this will all play out. And yet, as shocking as that teased event is, it is nothing in comparison to depravity that lurks in the actions of Admiral Yi’s greatest enemy: Baron Seo.

This was primarily a flashback issue. First to provide some back-story with Baron Seo and Jin, which helps tie some loose ends from the previous story arc; and Second, set up the rest of this arc, to include Admiral Yi’s motivation behind his recent refusal of King Sonjo’s direct orders to attack the Japanese headquarters at Busan. Don’t worry, it is not all strategy and war games – there is plenty of sex, violence, betrayal and somewhat disturbing imagery to go around.

The art is 100% consistent with the previous book and fits the story perfectly. The creative team once again comes through, taking Onrie’s words and transforming them into beautiful works of art.

Overall this was a great way to continue the story. It would have earned a perfect score, but I did get a bit lost in the pages during the transition to the main back-story. I wasn’t quite sure what year was being referenced and when/if the back-story had yet begun. As you get to the end of the issue, it becomes much more clear, but I did want to call that out in case others experienced it as well.

This book has not yet been released, but you can find more information about it at the official website, here: http://www.yisoonshin.com

You can also take a look at this issue’s official trailer, here: YI SOON SHIN: FALLEN AVENGER #1 OFFICIAL TRAILER

Finally, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the previous story, YI SOON SHIN: Warrior and Defender – If interested, my review of that HC can be found, here.


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