X #3 Review

In X #3 Leigh is played like a pawn in brutal game of chess and we are still not sure if X really wants her dead or not. There will be casualties though.

Official description from DARK HORSE:

The vermin of Arcadia’s underworld chase Leigh into a literal urban maze . . . and what’s waiting at the end ain’t cheese! A revived Berkshire’s got a beautiful new face and an appetite for revenge, mobilizing the entire police force against X.

Issue three of X plays a little more on fleshing out why Leigh is necessary to both X and his nemesis Berkshire. Plus this issue really brings the brutality and carnage but at what cost to our hero? Arcadia is a lost cause and a lot like Gotham City on steroids but people like Leigh, X and Berkshire will never leave. Leigh is unsure what the meaning is behind X’s cryptic message but she plays both the villain, the cops and X like a Stradivarius. I wasn’t sure I liked Leigh and her part in X but this issue makes her presence clear and I like her more with each issue.

Writer Duane Swierczynski really ratchets up the violence that X dishes out and also draws out the creep factor with Berkshire’s facial reconstruction. It’s a bit over the top but for Swierczynski it’s not out of place and it’s something that suits this title to a tee. It’s creepy, it’s violent and that’s just fine with me. Swierczynski is shooting for the moon with shock value and the more the better but the story is really starting to come together as well. Eric Nguyen continues to match the story’s outrageousness with gritty determination. These two are lock step with their in you face style.

This book might not be for everyone and Dark Horse and these creators aren’t here to pull punches with X and Arcadia. They go all out and on that level it works. Issue three really starts to reveal the motives and the games that must be played to take over or win back this city. X cranks it up to 11 and if you know what’s good for you then just strap in and enjoy the ride!