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Wonder Woman #14 Review

Wonder Woman 14_C
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Can Diana hope to survive her latest sibling, or is this journey doomed from the start?  Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

• Wonder Woman’s twisted “family” grows larger than she could have imagined.

• On the trail of the god who betrayed her, Diana crosses the path of the deadly SIRACCA!

Fourteen issues in and I’m willing to say that this take on this storied character has continually been one of the smartest reinventions in the whole of the New 52.  From the re-worked origin to the slow but steady narrative build up, this title has shown a level of maturity and presence of mind that keep it a cut above the rest as it endeavors to be a real contender for any reader’s hard earned attention.

Brian Azzarello continues his stint as this series writer methodically plots his ongoing tale.  The drama and dichotomy on display here ebbs and flows with the essence of all thirteen issues that preceded it as our heroine shows her gumption in the face of some tough revelations.  The end result makes the entirety of the saga an essential but worthwhile read, as this Olympian play enters its next compelling phase while embracing some elements from the greater DC Universe.

Tony Akins and Dan Green each deliver some of their best work to date in this latest outing.  Their style has slowly but surely evolved into a somewhat complementary motif that echoes the work done by Cliff Chiang while maintaining their unique take on this world.  Their pencil strokes easily offer some dynamic shots as they successfully breathe life into this expansive and rather complicated plot.

Wonder Woman #14 is another excellent issue that’s well worth any curious readers money and time.  If you’ve never read a DC Comic before and you’re not sure which one to attempt to follow this is a good and fairly segmented place to start.  Recommended.


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