Witchblade / Red Sonja #5 Review

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The unlikely crossover comes to a dynamic finish, but is it a fitting conclusion?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The tide has turned as Red Sonja now hunts the dark angel Ragniel. Filled with a savage bloodlust, Sonja won’t rest until the monstrosity carrying her father’s soul is destroyed and Ragniel has paid for his transgressions. In modern-day New York City, Sara Pezzini has found Sonja’s mythical Hyrkanian sword and rushes to save her daughter. Hell hath no fury! Join Dynamite Entertainment and Top Cow Productions for the thrilling conclusion of Witchblade/Red Sonja. Blood, guns, swords, and a chainmail bikini are guaranteed.

When I found out Red Sonja and Witchblade would be crossing over, I honestly didn’t imagine closing the final issue of this five-part story arc and feeling thoroughly satisfied, but I did.  The friction and chemistry between both of these leads yielded a story that did not sacrifice their unique tendencies.  In short, this is a mini-series worth owning if you’re a fan of either property.

Doug Wagner deserves a lot of credit for crafting a narrative conclusion that allows the whole of this zany but epic crossover to make some sort of comprehensible sense.  It’s not perfect, but this little tale successfully gives both Red Sonja and Sara Pezzini enough metaphorical meat to chew on, as the comic reaches a logical but predictable conclusion.  There are times where the dialogue can be a bit stiff, but those are few and far between.

Cezar Razek does a commendable job on the art.  His pencil work yields just enough detail that each panel feels kinetic and engaging.  There are times where details drop off a bit, but those are minor moments that don’t really detract from the job done here.  Overall the art maintains a level of quality that matches the narrative depth of the script.

This is a satisfying finish to a successful crossover, and kudos must go to the talented creative team behind this series.  Recommended.


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