Witchblade #171 Review

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As the new players behind this continue their inaugural arc, one has to ask: is this a title that’s still worth picking up?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Sara Pezzini violently ripped the Witchblade from her body and abandoned it. For Sara to begin her life anew, the Witchblade must find and bond with a new host. But not all who wield the Witchblade are worthy to bear the burden of the gauntlet.

Witchblade 171_CI’ve been following this franchise for years, and I’ve perused more than a few creative team changes. As with any comic property when one starts there’s always a bit of adjusting that has to take place, except for one instance that I can think of.  And like David Wohl‘s additional tour of duty with this title we’re seeing a second round writer that seems to know what he wants to do.

The immediate results from the return of Ron Marz is that we’ve seen our heroine get shot by what appears to be a special bullet and some important details in the timeline have come into focus.  Two years ago she confronted Jackie Estacado, allegedly destroyed The Darkness and decided it was time to move on from her burden. We’ve had this story before, with detail alterations, but the scribe makes it work by implementing a structurally sound script that makes use of flashbacks while building up a present day threat.

Laura Braga handles the art and I have to say her skill is easily the highlight of this release.  The splash page that goes over the key points in the last one hundred and seventy issues is a particular favorite of mine.  There are some off moments here and there, where facial features seem a tad bit rushed, but nothing that detracts from the narrative momentum.  The pictures work to carry and even uplift this arc as it marches toward its next chapter.

Witchblade #171 is a strong book that, at the start, feels a bit too familiar except for a few wrinkles that make it worthwhile.  Recommended.



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