Witchblade #166 Review

In the aftermath of “Progeny” where does our heroine go from here?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Sara Pezzini’s world has become increasingly gray since she became a private investigator. Without the laws and regulations that being a cop used to provide, Sara has no idea whether her actions have been for the greater good or not. But to both put food on the table and stop a more powerful evil, Sara will need to dig up enough dirt to destroy the career of the only decent and honest politician left in Chicago.

When considering this series and all that Sara Pezzini has been through during her run as the wielder of the Witchblade, I’m honestly hard pressed to think of a time where she gave up so much to balance the scales.  At the end of Artifacts #13 she served her purpose and she continues to do so even after remembering what she had to do.

And this issue more than anything else proves her mantle as Tim Seeley sets her up for a head on collision with the heart of Chicago’s dark elements. The series scribe has come a very long way, as he slowly but surely gained a profound grasp on this tough but capable woman.  There have been quite a list of writers who have been on this title but few got her this quickly.  I can honestly say I am thoroughly impressed with what this author has done and now in the aftermath of the most recent crossover he handles the slight changes in status quo expertly.

Diego Bernard‘s art continues to be a source of adoration as he makes himself out to be one of the most impressive illustrators to dabble in the supernatural at Top Cow.  He does a fine job rendering the characters, as his pencil strokes find proper levels to echo emotions while making the world around them believable.  So in short: the art is up to the quality of the narrative.

Witchblade #166 is another stellar issue that should be on your pull-list.  Highly recommended.


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