Why Avengers: Age Of Ultron Will Suck And Still Be AWESOME!

As you may know unless you have been living under a rock, Marvel Studios has announced the title of the new Avengers movie. The project was announced to be Age Of Ultron to my apparent horror. This is a choice that will obviously be divisive among fans. Many have voiced that opinion that the movie title should have no bearing on the comic in which it shares the same name. Hear me as I rage against this idea, as I call down from the heavens and protest, as I lash out against the system that has thrown this series of events into place. This is where I will proceed to let go of the feelings about this project that have been bubbling up inside me for quite sometime. The Marvel Universe has been around for nearly 50 years. Ultron has been around almost since the beginning of the inception, as he made his debut in ’68 with Avengers 54. The point here is that the character has some stories that are exceptional, in which the title could have accommodated. So far the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken only the cream of the crop from the comics.

Stories like the Winter Soldier or The Infinity Gauntlet are among some of the finest. What does not make any sense, is adapting the story by Marvel Comics in which the movie is lightly based on. The fact of the matter is that The film rights surrounding properties essential to the story like Wolverine and The Fantastic Four are out of bounds for the movie studios. Then there is the fact that the story was an unfocused mess of an event. The most surprising part of all this news, was the positive reaction to the title by fans. There are so many wonderful stories featuring the robotic menace that are being left out here. The title itself may be catchy and fascinating to the executives overseeing the movie, but so is Ultron Unlimited from a few years back. The flick is more likely to draw inspiration for a story like that where there is a giant smack down with a large tin can, instead of the time-stream collapsing on itself.

The script for that arc is also not based around a bunch of weird continuity issues occurring in the title. That being said the first batch of stories from the 60’s and 70’s could probably not have been used. The stories either involve weird characters too heavily or feature the character in supporting role. Another interesting route for the film series to go would be to range the second movie, The Mighty Avengers. This would allow the team to change around slightly and The Ultron Bomb tale could have been used. This was also not a good saga, but the direction would have been more interesting, also the bad taste from that arc does not sting my consciousness the same way that the former still does. Regarding the conclusion in Age Of Ultron, the series sports A whimper of an ending which teases other properties in the comics. Even if light inspiration from the event remains, the question still remains why name it that?

Do not misunderstand me when I say all of this. Ultron is a fantastic villain, one that is personal for the Avengers and company. This is exactly where the franchise should be headed going forward. Teasing Thanos for a future film is another small stroke of genius by the studio. In fact with the people directing and acting this movie, there is no way that this will be a poorly conceived film. It will just make me feel slightly dirty when I sit my ass down in the seat of a movie entitled Age Of Ultron. In fact there is no way this will not be another enjoyable movie considering the Whedon and everyone else. The comic book and movie universes will never exactly link together. The two should never do that unless the amount of people watching the movies rivaled the amount reading comics. Which will probably never happen in my lifetime. Therefore even trying to link up both of those universes makes no fucking sense. With the introduction of a Hank Pym free version of the villain for the introduction of the movie, one has to wonder where exactly the narrative is going. The resolution of the story is also destined to not happen the same way without the scientist destined to create the homicidal machine. It also has to be said that my interest level peaks when the creation of the killing machine could be accredited to a character like Tony Stark.

This beat would be so personal, that it might not be he best idea to explore in a summer blockbuster about a group of superheroes. Is another Iron Man film with Tony experiencing more post traumatic stress still you going to be an appropriate theme to movie viewers? These are questions bubbling to the surface ever since the announcement of the movie. The speculation about the property is definitely what the Movie Studio intended by showing a single slide at Comic-Con about the film. Here comes the worst part about these big summer event movies, waiting for them to actually come out. Who wants to start camping out early for a movie with the title of a comic book that I hate. This batch of mixed feelings is something I did not want to feel regarding this property. It is going to be a long hard wait until 2015!