A Voice in the Dark #3 Review


After two powerful issues, can this new title still carry its own weight during a third outing?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


With freshman year pressures mounting, will Zoey be able to contain her compulsion to murder another student before school lets out for Thanksgiving break?

Written and drawn — by mouth — by disabled creator LARIME TAYLOR

A Voice in the Dark 3_CWith this entry I have to say the quality level of this franchise stands high in my regard. The creative mind behind it understands exactly how to approach this particular tale without cheapening the events therein or the soul of our troubled primary character.

Larime Taylor know his protagonist well. It’s to the point that from beginning to end we see the humanity of a woman that could easily be disliked. Zoey Aarons is an on-and-off again killer, and to be honest at the end of the day that aspect would make anyone cautious when it comes to getting to know her. But the author does a fine job making her understandable, as young readers can relate to the steps she’s taking in her societal role. There are some spotty bits of dialogue, but these very minor hiccups failed to take away from what I read.

Is it sad that when I gaze upon this book I realize that Larime Taylor has more talent in his mouth than I do in either of my hands? And wouldn’t you know it? This talent can draw with the best of them, as he offers up a look that’s unique to these proceedings but carries just enough familiarity to make it functional. There are some instances where faces suffer from odd angles, and hands can seem a bit too bulky, but trust me these stylistic choices do more in favor of the piece than detract from it.

I can’t begin to understand why my fellow fanboys and fangirls would pass this up, as A Voice in the Dark #3 proves its worth with each passing page. The ideas earn the right to be on your pull-list. Recommended.



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