Venom #32 Review

Chaos is running rampant in the streets, but can our symbiote infested but nonetheless beleaguered hero do anything to stop it?  Should you care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


With a subtle nod and a wink to the current events affecting Peter Parker and his immediate circle of friends, our protagonist faces the cold hard light of day where he hasn’t got much in the way of allies. And that right there is the heart of this latest literary dive as our newly relocated crime fighter comes to terms with his loneliness while embracing the new city around him.  On top of that he has no idea that another monster is in town… Toxin has finally arrived.

When it comes to the written word, seasoned scribe Cullen Bunn has an astonishingly powerful grip on the core mechanics that make this franchise involving a monstrous but tamed alien work in a more than competent way.  He effortlessly crafts believable scenarios that both highlight Flash Thompson’s weaknesses and strengths while yielding some minor character progression.  The end result is an absolutely addicting jaunt that from start to finish will surely keep the core and dedicated audience thoroughly entertained.

The art by Declan Shalvey is easily some of his best to date.  The way the talent authentically brings to life the chaotic nature of the symbiote while anchoring the world in a believable atmosphere yields an exceptional visual experience.  There were some minor bumps and bruises brought forth by some poorly realized facial features but for the most part these were minor stumbles in an otherwise exceptional affair.  If I had to pick my favorite artist to grace this book so far this talented illustrator in all honesty is it.

Venom #32 may not be an overly ambitious continuation but it does on more than one occasion prove its worth as the compelling saga anchored by this stellar creative team continues.  Whether you’re new to the franchise or not, you need to buy this comic book.  Recommended.


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