Venom #27.1 Review

How is our beleaguered hero dealing with the immediate aftermath of his symbiote skirmish in the Microverse?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• The wounds of Carnage still fresh, Flash Thompson confronts his past as a bully – and makes a momentous decision about his future!

• Thony Silas returns with Cullen Bunn to Venom!

Flash Thompson has had a really rough go of it since he took on the guise of Venom.  His family, friends and he himself have suffered greatly at the cost of his need to wear this powerful entity.  As a whole the journey has had its share of ups and downs but this comic continues to forge ahead as this creative team pushes the character forward into a unique corner of the Marvel Universe.

Cullen Bunn continues his stint as the series writer and the author does a splendid job picking up the plot threads that were largely absent during the ‘Minimum Carnage‘ crossover.  Instead of embracing any left-over themes from his time with the Scarlet Spider our scribe takes all of the established character beats from recent but prior arcs and runs with them.  He uses each moment and sentence to justify a proper jump-on-point while building the reasons behind a necessary change of scenery.

Marco Checchetto steps in on art duties and the very talented man handles himself quite well.  The most engrossing aspect from the visceral visual dance on display is his realization of our title character and how the monster itself reacts when provoked or engaged by enemy combatants.  Beyond that though he brilliantly layers the comic book in an ocean of details that simply dance circles around most of the artists in the industry today

Venom #27.1 is strong but somber issue that handily delivers some interesting brushstrokes as it prepares its audience for a striking but competent location change.  Recommended.


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