X-O Manowar #5

Story By: Robert Venditti

Art By: Lee Garbett

Covers By: Mico Suayan, Philip Tan and Patrick Zircher

Description: Enter…Ninjak! An all-new arc starts here as two legends of the Valiant Universe collide for the first time — and no one will escape unscathed.

32 pages, $3.99.


Story By: Joshua Dysart

Art By: Khari Evans and Lewis LaRosa

Covers By: Patrick Zircher and Doug Braithwaite

Description: School is out. Of control. Inside the Harbinger Foundation, Peter Stanchek thought he would finally find freedom. Instead, he found a prison of his own design. As Peter begins to yearn for the comforts of his old life, he’s about to discover that leaving Harada’s program isn’t easy–it’s impossible. As rebellion brews among his pupils, Harada must ask himself: has he been building an ally in Peter all this time — or the perfect enemy?

32 pages, $3.99.

Archer & Armstrong #2

Story By: Fred Van Lente

Art By: Clayton Henry

Covers By: Arturo Lozzi and Patrick Zircher

Description: In the Valiant Universe, even secrets have secrets. Have you heard the one about The Michelangelo Code? Inside a Masonic crypt beneath Wall Street, The 1% engineer a financial apocalypse that will save the dollar, but could destroy the world. Within the secret archives of the Vatican, The Spirituali shelter a secret that could crack history in half. And — in a bar somewhere — Archer & Armstrong are all that stands between the ancient conspiracy that binds these two group together. But can Archer survive a terrible betrayal from his own family — and the shocking revelation of Armstrong’s closest ally? Get ready for a spreadsheet-shattering, kung-fu gripping action epic that will set the Valiant Universe aflame!

32 pages, $3.99.

Bloodshot #3

Story By: Duane Swierczynski

Art By: Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi

Covers By: Esad Ribic and Arturo Lozzi

Description: Heroes aren’t born. They’re built. You have no name, just a project designation. They call you Bloodshot, but the voices inside your head call you “daddy, “sir,” “commander,” “comrade” — whatever it takes to motivate you to get the job done. But after so many missions and so many lives, you’re finally ready to confront your handlers at Project Rising Spirit and find out who you really are. You’d better move quickly though, because your former masters don’t like it when a billion-dollar weapons project decides to go rogue. Can you discover the truth before their next deadly mind wipe takes you off the board for good? Let’s hope so…because everyone inside you is counting on it.

32 pages, $3.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum