Uncanny X-Men #3 Review

Scott’s team finally comes face to face with the Avengers, after what happened in AvX how will his X-Men be able to handle the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Everything has changed for Magneto in the last few weeks. Can he prove he is still the Master of Magnetism? Cyclops and the rest of his crew take the revolution on the road gathering up more new mutants.

Scott and his team head to Australia in order to see Ava Bell’s (the girl they saved waaaay back in All New X-Men #1) mother. Things are going relatively well until the Avengers show up (tipped off by Magneto) . They have come to arrest Cyclops for you know, KILLING CHARLES XAVIER during AvX and Scott & Emma choose this moment to go on one of the longest most BS diatribes I have ever read in a comic. They go on about Cap not doing anything for mutants and blah blah blah, but this is mostly a ploy to cause Cap to action causing Ava to freeze the Avengers and Scott’s team leaving.

I like Bendis as the new X-Writer but I found Emma & Scott’s whining in this issue to be very hard to read. They go on about the Avengers not helping them, while at the same time blaming the Phoenix for what happened during AvX. It makes them come off as children not wanting to take responsibility than adults. With Avengers playing as the X-Men’s parents (except for Hawkeye who is positively badass in this). Scott acts more like a teenager having fun that a mutant revolutionary, smiling at Magik’s idea of “breaking into Avengers tower and rearranging their underwear” & arriving at the Jean Grey school saying “To me, My X-Men” like he’s Charles. Ava gets some development but nothing real impactful at this point. Magik’s characterization is still iffy to me, she seems more like a spoiled teenager than the controlled souless girl she usually is.

Chris Bachalo’s art does what it needs to to help frame the story but I wish he would differentiate between Emma & Illyana more, mostly the only difference between them being that Magik carries a HUGE Cloud Strife-esque sword. There are a few close up shots in the comic that show how much Bachalo can put into a character and it is nice to see how he illustrates the verbal battle between the two teams.

Uncanny X-Men is still a good series but this issue was weighed down by pretty asinine dialogue. The X-Men are acting like children and the book  as a whole is still being out shined by it’s All New counterpart. Hopefully the series will pick back up in the coming issues.


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