Uncanny X-Force #3 Review

Bishop has come back from the future, and he is not happy. But what does he want with X-Force?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

This is it! Bishop vs. UNCANNY X-FORCE! Bishop has amazing new powers that help him take down X-Force. But how did Bishop get the new power?

The team finally corners Spiral, but they are ambushed by a returning Bishop. He arrives, makes a mess of things and takes Ginny (the girl that Spiral was using) with him as he makes his exit. After some deliberation among the group, they decide to help Spiral and find the girl. They also want to know just what the hell is wrong with Bishop (seeing as he grunts & snarls more than he talks these days). Following a fight in a subway, Psylocke enters Bishop’s mind and finds that not all is well in the mutants attic. Oh, Fantomex & Cluster also hijack a plane in order to find Betsy (public safety what’s that?).

Sam Humphries’ picks things up this issue, more action, but also some explanation of different events. We get mini excerpts of when Psylocke’s powers manifested,  how Spiral met Ginny, and Storm’s fear of claustophobia (which is awkwardly written with a 9/11 reference). The team hasn’t been fully formed yet, but it’s starting to look like it’s going in the same vein as Logan’s 1st team (he assembles a group and they force someone a criminal to join them). While I still don’t like how Psylocke is written, the book is coming together nicely, and the fleshing out of Spiral was a nice addition.

There are 3 artists on deck this issue and each do their job well. Ron Garney’s art continues to impress, boasting some pretty good visuals for the charcaters and some well drawn action scenes. The colors fit the sceneary, the subway scenes are dark and add to the feeling of surprise when Bishop attacks. Adrian Aplhona & Christina Strain take over when Psylocke enters Bishop’s mind. These scenes are amazing as it almost feels like you stepped into another book. The landscape is immensely unique and adds a sense of wonder when Psylocke travels through it.

Uncanny X-Force #3 is a step-up from it’s predecessors and the book has certainly gained more footing with this issue. Nice brisk pace, limited but still fast paced action and great art, make this issue worth checking out. Things are starting to come together as we start to learn what happened to Bishop & why he wants Ginny.


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