Umbral #3 Review

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What will happen next in the mysterious story Umbral? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Nightmare shadow creatures, murdered Kings, slaughtered smugglers, mysterious hobos, mythical gems, and stone guardians — it can only be UMBRAL, the incredibly rich new fantasy world from Wasteland creators ANTONY JOHNSTON and CHRISTOPHER MITTEN! Join Rascal as she fights to uncover the truth… and to stay alive!

umbral #3In general I’m a huge fan of fantasy stories and the series’ that the people at Image produce. It is this that makes me wonder why this is the first time I’ve read Umbral. Despite that the overall setting and mystery made it a very interesting read.

Antony Johnston does a great job of building suspense throughout this issue, with there being a lot of mystery and speculation over where the story’s heading. Johnston also does a great job for character development in this issue, as it was easy to see that they were going. On top of all this Johnston managed to add a lot of excitement to this issue, with the brilliant feel to this dark fantasy story having me hooked to each page.

Christopher Mitten does a wonderful job of the artwork in this issue, as despite being a bit rough it was consistent. The detail was outstanding, the layouts and character expressions added a lot to the overall tone. The illustrations flowed smoothly with depth and emotion. Jordan Boyd’s colors were also fantastic, giving a terrific atmosphere to the issue, as well as being a brilliant finish to Mitten’s art.

Umbral is a terrific mystery fantasy, having an extremely gripping story line. It is however not the easiest of series to jump into, but nonetheless it ‘s still terrific. And I’d highly recommend this to anyone.



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