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Turok is back, but just how good will this new series be? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE BEGINS HERE! Classic Characters by some of Comics Hottest Creators! – Magnus, Solar, Turok and Dr. Spektor! Dynamite is proud to present an all-new adventure ongoing from superstar GREG PAK (Batman/Superman, World War Hulk) and incredible artist MIRKO COLAK (Red Skull: Incarnate, Conan)! Shunned from his tribe, a young Native American named Turok fights to survive, making a lonely life for himself in the unforgiving forest. But his hard-won cunning and survival skills face the ultimate test when man-eating THUNDER LIZARDS attack his people! Why are dinosaurs here? How have they survived? And will Turok use his abilities to save a society that’s taken everything away from him?

Turok #1A few months back Dynamite answered their teaser question “What is the key?” by announcing four new series based on Golden Key characters. Finally we get to see the first of these fwith the return of much loved dinosaur hunter Turok.

Greg Pak is a writer who’s work I’ve enjoyed. So when it was announced that he’d be working on this series I was even more excited for it’s release. Having now read the first issue I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed, as Pak gives a deeply emotional driven story that sets up the future of the series perfectly. I also loved the soft spoken nature he gave Turok, and the way that the English language was classed as the foreign language amused me. Pak added some action to the issue as well, but it was the build-up of character along with the symbolism that I enjoyed the most.

Mirko Colak did an astonishing job of the artwork. The detail and layouts were particularly impressive, as despite having a lot of scenery it was still very smooth and realistic. He added a lot of tone and emotion to the story through the characters facial expressions, and especially when it came to Turok, showing the sudden change from joy to lack of emotion perfectly. Add to this dynamic action along with the terrific colors (Lauren Affe) than this, visually, is a series that I doubt I’d get tired of looking at.

Turok opens the Golden Key Universe nicely and if the remaining three series are like this I will be a very happy fanboy. Highly recommended.



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