Transformers Spotlight: Megatron


After a spotlight on Optimus Prime (or Orion Pax as he was known at the time) a spotlight on Megatron was inevitable. Yet Transformers Spotlight: Megatron shows why, sometimes, the bad guy is just that much more interesting to read and follow.

The official description from IDW:

MEGATRON IS BACK! Writer/artist Nick Roche (Last Stand of the Wreckers) takes us back to the last time MEGATRON returned—when he found his DECEPTICON forces in tatters under the control of STARSCREAM. In this never-before-revealed tale, we learn exactly how Megatron reacted… and how Starscream survived!

This issue takes place further back in the story, but its timing isn’t all that relevant. This issue explores the character of Megatron, and very few excuses are needed to justify doing so. Despite being the main villain, its not often the comics follow his point of view, and following the Decepticons always makes for a refreshing change.

In contrast to Optimus Prime, Megatron is a much interesting and unique character. Where as Prime is generally ‘perfect’ or ‘pure’, its his lack of faults that make him less interesting. Megatron, however, is full of emotion and personal ambition. The writing is fluid and realistic in this issue, charged with a sense of character.

Yet the story also features a heavy dose of Starscream, one of the more popular characters in the series. As a long-time member of the cast, Starscream is well known in the setting. As Megatron’s less than successful underling, there’s always been a unique dynamic between the two. This relationship is explored in much more detail here, offering a satisfying insight into some of the long-standing questions, such as why Megatron has never just killed him.

Of course, as with anything relating to Megatron, its not long until some form of violence breaks out. Although its not exactly a fair fight, the well written dialogue and art work make for a decent read. Megatron, as a character, can often be described as “angry”. Fighting is where he is himself, something this title understands, depicting him at his most natural.

In short, this issue is very easily worth a read. Even partial Transformers fans have an active interest in Megatron, and the character is done relative justice within these pages.


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