Transformers: Robots In Disguise #19 Review


THE DEATH OF A WORLD! Gorlam Prime—the entrance to the so-called DEAD UNIVERSE—holds many secrets… and now ORION PAX—the ’bot who was once OPTIMUS PRIME—pries it’s secrets loose. But will it be too late for CYBERTRON?

This issue is, for the most part, a one-shot, although it does lead into the up-coming story. As such, it’s better read as something that touches upon the greater Transformers storyline, setting and lore. It certainly works well in getting fans exciting for the up-coming storyline. It also helps by giving the actual story some breathing space, by focusing on other events.

John Barber does a good job writing this issue, as it naturally has a different atmosphere from regular Robots In Disguise. Swapping from a large cast to a smaller ensemble of, admittedly, larger-than-life characters makes big changes so it’s important to have writing the goes with the flow. Whether its the grand dialogue or Prime’s narrations, the writing helps ease readers into the coming storyline that’s being teased and promises. It may be empty promises but, for now, the issue can be enjoyed for what it is.

The same goes for the visuals, which has a distinct look away from the usual approach. Dheeraj Verma takes over the art, with Joana Lafuente on colors, to provide something different. It’s more atmospheric, with blending and softer colors, as opposed to the bright, block-colored nature of regular issues. It makes a distinct different and works with the atmosphere and setting of the story being told. At the very least, it keeps it distinct from the regular setting, which always helps ease any reader confusion.

All in all, this is certainly an issue worth reading for fans. As a one-shot it has little to offer, since it builds up on previous plot lines and works its way into new ones. However, as a standing issue of Robots In Disguise, this is a welcome change of pace for a singular issue.


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