Transformers: Robots In Disguise #29 Review


Transformers_robots_disguise_29_variant coverAfter last month’s action packed return to Earth, Transformers: Robots In Disguise #29 picks up the pace and offers a more explosive follow-up. There have been some big changes with Transformers lately, so is this the right direction to take things?

The official description from IDW:

DETONATION BOULEVARD! Who is MARISSA FAIREBORN—and why does she want OPTIMUS PRIME dead?! And more importantly… how did she start working with on of the AUTOBOTS deadliest enemies…? Dangerous allegiences form, thanks to the terrifying shape the CYBERTRONIANS have twisted planet Earth into!

While the last issue set up the premise, Robots In Disguise #29 delivers on action. However, it does struggle to split itself between action sequences and plot exposition, often jarringly jumping between the both. That said, it does manage to offer a decent balance over all so, while there is plenty of robots fighting robots, it doesn’t feel shallow.

I’d say John Barber understands the cast, but this is most shown in the Cybertron flashbacks. The current setting runs through dialogue too quickly to establish character development. New characters, such as the humans, get a little more screen time – which helps – while others get pushed to the back now they’ve filled their purpose. It keeps the title fresh, but consistency may be a concern.

Visually, on the other hand, Robots In disguise #29 stays true to its guns, although the flashbacks have different artists. The scenes on Cybertron are done by Brendan Cahil and the Earth scenes are by Guido Guidi, but they make very little difference. This is especially true when you consider Josh Perez does the color for all three sections – which includes the main body drawn by Andrew Griffith – so they all look as vibrant and bright as any other issue of Robots In Disguise.

In summary, this issue has plenty to offer Transformers fans but only time will tell if this new plot has any real depth to it.


  • + Robots fighting Robots!
  • + A return to Earth makes a nice change
  • - Not much character development
  • - Three different art styles isn't necessary or noticable

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