Transformers: Regeneration One #92 Review

The second installment of Destiny has arrived. Does it deliver another good story further setting up the end of the Regeneration One saga? Definitely, lots of good stuff here.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

CRISIS ON CYBERTRON! A whole society, wounded and reeling after SCORPONOK’s genetic manipulations, teeters on the edge of anarchy and uprising, a situation SOUNDWAVE is only too happy to exploit! When the newly recovered BLASTER uncovers the truth, he finds himself on the endangered species list-courtesy of the all-new, all-deadly MAYHEM ATTACK SQUAD 

This issue is something I think longtime fans of the 80’s cartoon will especially find interesting. We have a very passive Optimus Prime being manhandled by a superpowered Spike. It’s a rather intriguing future of Generation One. Regeneration is ending soon, so naturally things are beginning to really heat up. Soundwave unleashes his plan, Optimus has a conversation with the survivors of Earth, not to mention Bludgion and Galavtron are arriving. It’s a good issue packed with great writing and is just something Transformers fans will enjoy.

Simon Furman starts off this issue with Spike attacking Optimus. The dialogue is pretty amazing, since I’m sure, despite hundreds of hundreds of comics, we’ve never heard Optimis say “Stop! You’re killing me.” This version of Prime is one of the most intriguing ever seen. A being that doesn’t really have the spirit of a leader anymore, you get that feeling especially through this issue. Back on Cybetron Soundwave gets some cool scenes. His dialogue is great and very cold. The writing captures this version of the communications officer well. I like how Blaster’s rivalry with him is slightly mentioned, something longtime fans will like. There’s some heavy drama in the middle, regarding Blaster and his quarantined partners due to the Nucleon caused by Scorponok. It’s good stuff and reminds us that Transformers is more than robots fightings it out. One of the most intriguing scenes was was on the bridge where a mini civil war brewed. I find it fascinating to see Autobot battle Autobot and then Soundwave watching from above. The story is really well thought out.

Andrew Wilman’s art deserves praise. If you thought robots can’t show emotion, you’d best check out this comic. The characters look great and the fights too. The main cover is probably the worst one yet. It’s not bad, just generally uninteresting. Cover B is far superior, a retro piece showing Opimus getting beaten by Spike Circuit Smasher. The RI is kinda funny, but not half as strong as Cover B.

Overall, a great issue of Regeneration One. All of the plots are coming together nicely. There’s some good action on Cybetron and Soundwave fans will be pleased with his appearance. Blaster gets some nice scenes in too, and finally Optimus has a chat with Spike and Earth’s survivors. I’m going to miss this status quo when it’s over, but for now lets enjoy the epic things that are about to take place.


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