Transformers: Regeneration One #83 Review

Optimus Prime and Megatron have battled countless times over the years, yet the lead-up to another confrontation makes you anticipate it again. They’ve battled well over a hundred times in various media, yet we still anticipate this upcoming battle. The latest issue of Regeneration One reveals some insanely cool things (well really it’s the one plot twist) that only longtime fans will take a step back and say “Wait…what?” You are not going to want to miss this one.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

The Wreckers are on Earth—and their fates rest in the hands of… a human? A very particular human—Spike Witwicky, the Circuit Smasher! The AUTOBOTs learn what MEGATRON’s been doing the past 20 years… and OPTIMUS PRIME struggles to come to a decision about the future! The original Transformers comics saga continues!

If Transformers G1 was still airing today, this story would be the latest season. Seriously, the designs, the tone, the eyebrow raising plot twist regarding Circuit Smasher, all the makings of a G1 episode, or sequel to the 89 film. After a few issues of acting rather ‘off,’ Optimus Prime gets a lot of page time. The writing for him is some of the strongest I’ve seen in a Transformers comic. It reminds you of why he’s the leader. There are many quotes that can be taken out of the word boxes and be applied even in real life. Fans of Hot Rod will definitely be happy of his foreshadowing role. Megatron appears and never ceases to make the reader smirk with his over-the-top lines and pure evilness. It’ll be admittedly satisfying when Optimus gets to land some blows on him.

The art is basically what a modern G1 episode would look like. It’s simple, but packs enough detail. Circuit Smasher is definitely the character to watch for. After his startling appearance in the previous issue, this issue doesn’t disappoint. Whether or not you like him doesn’t matter once you find out his identity. (Which I’m kinda surprised the description spoils.) The only thing I’m not liking is that other plot points aren’t really being explored. Soundwave, after a two issue disappearance, appears briefly. And there’s no sign of Grimlock. Minor things of course, just sometimes you might feel like a plot point is forgotten.

Overall, a very interesting and soid entry in Regeneration One. If it’s one thing this issue did, it made me anticipate the big fight coming soon. Circuit Smasher ends up being one one of the more intriging characters, I’m looking forward to seeing where he’ll be in the next few issues.


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