Transformers_beast hunters 8

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #8

Transformers_beast hunters 8


After eight issues, this is the end for the Beast Hunters mini-series. It’s had some high points and a few lows, but does Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #8 end the title on its strongest note?

The official description from IDW:

THE FIGHT FOR CYBERTRON! GRIMLOCK and his DINOBOTS meet up with old allies and try to stop the new threat to the planet. But as things get heated, the outcome becomes uncertain. A new beginning… or the end of the DINOBOTS?

In one word… impressive. This issue offers a very satisfying finish to the mini-series, while keeping it inline with all the smaller themes and changes that make the Transformers Prime series different to the regular, long running Transformers series. It’s not about over-stacked backTransformers_beast hunters 8 story, instead focusing on a smaller cast of ‘bots and personal themes. The message is clear and simple yet delivers flawlessly from previous issues.

Mike Johnson shows some excellent skill in writing here, delivering an issue that still keeps it light and easy while also offering a sense of finale. This is the last issue, after all, and it certainly feels like a conclusion. His understanding of the Prime universe’s answer to the Dinobots shows through effortlessly. While one could argue this issue is action-light for a finale issue, its a nice change of pace and, again, meets the themes of peace the series runs with, rather than ‘meh, let’s have one more big punch up’. A much better direction to end the series on.

Visually, Agustin Padilla’s art style works with the title, offering plenty of definition. It still focuses on fun, simple shapes, yet its well defined nature makes for smooth reading, with no panel appearing dis-jarring or difficult to understand. This is helped by the vibrant art style of Priscilla Tramontano, which offers enough color for distinction, as well as making the whole issue  more pleasant to look through.

Over all, a satisfying end to a good series. While there is always potential for the future, this issue looks to offer some semi-permanent conclusion and, honestly, part of me hopes it stays that way – many good endings can be ruined if they’re simply ignored later.



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