Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #6 Review

beast hunters headerWith only two issues to go, Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #6 does a good job at offering quality storytelling while bringing things round to a conclusion. That said, the issue doesn’t make it obvious where things are going to go – which is definitely a good thing since nobody likes predictability.

The official description from IDW;

With Cybertron reformed, the underground tunnels and caves have become unstable. It’s up to the DINOBOTS to lead the underground survivors to safety on the surface. But with the waters rising and the walls collapsing, making it out alive may be tougher than it sounds…

This issue has a lot of elements going for it. The action isn’t the greatest as it involves a lot of characters moving around in scenery that all looks the same, yet there are certain elements that work well. The dynamic between Slug and the Deception highlights a transformers_prime_beast_hunters_6key focus on what this title does – it highlights the dinobots as characters with depth and emphasis.

A large part of this has to be down to Maighread Scott’s writing – particularly, the move away from Grimlock to focus on the other dinobots. This gives much more depth than “they all turn to dinosaurs and everything is just awesome” and adds meaning to each individual. These self-driven character arcs make the subplots, which would otherwise simply get in the way, much more interesting and engaging.

Likewise the art does its usual to uphold the story. Agustin Padilla and Atilio Rojo offer great pencils but it all depends on your views on Beast Hunter’s cutesy style to transformers. For instance, Priscilla Tramontano’s colors make good use of the bigger characters while the rest are often quick colored blocks. You can tell when an individual is not too important to the long-term story – ala the decepticon – by the amount of lines and colors used to define him/her/it.

In short, it’s not amazing but its a good read and leads well off of the other issue. Yet the ending doesn’t necessarily leave you on a cliffhanger, which makes the last two issues all the more intriguing.



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