Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #5


Can’t get enough Transformers this week? Transformers Prime is a little different to regular Transformers, but Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #5 has enough to offer.

The official description from IDW:

CYBERTRON LIVES! The DINOBOTS lend hand to their fellow underground Autobots… but things quickly go awry as the very planet begins to quake and shift. Floods, cave-ins, the very ground dropping from underneath… is CYBERTRON reborn or are these the last flailings of a dying planet?

I won’t lie… I’m not that familiar with the Transformers Prime series. But I do know Dinobots. This story has plenty of charm and character keeping the tone light for the most part – which helps some of the stronger aspects of the title, such as Slug and the Forged. This is an issue very much about character, despite it’s grander plot underlinings.

Although I said it’s more lighthearted and less in-depth, credit still has to be given to Mairghread Scott & Mike Johnson. The story could have very much been action focused with ‘fight of the week’ moments but, for now, it plays off with something much better. The opening introduces the personal elements before getting down to business. What could of just focused on the Dinobots being awesome dinosaurs chose to highlight their character and alignment as well – and it’s much better off for it.

The visual treatment is also rather distinct. Priscilla Tramontand, Josh Burcham & Josh Perez offer beautiful colors that work well with the pencils of Agustin Padilla. Yet this takes on an approach similar to cartoons – don’t put detail on the NPCs. Besides the Dinobots – which look awesome – all the ‘not important and don’t-even-have-a-name’ types are blandy mcblandy robot #5. Back this up with a story set almost entirely in caves and, well, the backdrops aren’t this title’s strong point.

All in all, it’s not the best Transformers title on the market, but it does its best and offers something a little different. Also, it has Dinobots.



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