Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #13 Review


A humorous side-story, Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #13 takes a more unusual story, developing the humble crew of the Lost Light through humor and more lighthearted events.

The official description from IDW:

SHORE LEAVE! The AUTOBOTS visit the planet Hedonia—and get a chance to put recent events behind them, ingest some energon, and relax. Everyone, that is, except SWERVE, who faces the toughest challenge of his life: in just six hours, he has to teach ULTRA MAGNUS how to have fun.

This issue lets the Lost Light crew get out of the ship, and into new environments.  In this case, its the planet Hedonia. Its not often that the Transformers titles show the more alien environments in the setting. In a universe full of talking robots, its easy to forget about the other races and planets that are in the setting. This gives the planet of Hedonia extra charm, but also allows for the set-up of human avatars – itself a large part of the humor of this issue.

Despite being a funny story, there are some key character portrayals in this issue. Notably, Ultra Magnus takes on a much larger role, even if he ends up playing the stiff or variety of simple jokes. Yet some of the dialogue gets down to the personality of each character, and long time readers are rewarded with a little insight into the character.

Yet there’s also a rather touching (as touching as something like Transformers can get) between Tailgate and Cyclonus. These two are typically fringe characters; whilst not the major characters, they play an important part in the case, and seeing a little moment between the two adds more depth, yet the scene also adds another insight into Cybertronian culture and the shared history of all the Transformers characters; something that’s touched upon heavily in this issue.

In short, this is an excellent issue. Although its a funny side-story at its heart, you shouldn’t let it fool you. Underneath this, More Than Meets The Eye #13 is full of character and potential, offering a very surprising and rewarding read.


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