Transformers_More Than Meets The Eye 32

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #32 Review

Transformers_More Than Meets The Eye 32

Transformers_More Than Meets The Eye 32 VariantThe current arc is certainly bold and Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #32 is certainly keeping that trend. This issue opens up with a strong start and continues to offer a high quality read right the way through.

The official description from IDW:

SLAUGHTERHOUSE! The crew of the Lost Light are used to past decisions coming back to bite them, but nothing—not even an ULTRA MAGNUS-certified crash course in the law of unintended consequences—could have prepared them for the horrors of Sector 113. Be warned: this issue is not for the easily distressed—or the easily heartbroken.

This issue opens up with a deserted, ripped apart ship from the future – a perfect way to set the tone. More Than Meets The Eye has never been one to take itself too seriously, but neither has it shun itself away from complex and well-fleshed out plots. This issue is full of tense moments, gripping revelations and a well-crafted and intertwined story. Fans will definitely love this.

The writing makes great use of the current set-up, and it works surprisingly well with the recent changes. James Roberts understands the wacky characters at work here, yet uses Megatron as a foil to the comedy and an anchor for a greater sense of realism: his respect for the dead obviously plays well in the setting. This issue, especially, is well written out and knows the right time to deliver its bombshell cliffhangers.

When it comes to the visual treatment, everything seems to be ramped up to eleven. Alex Milne is still doing pencils, but many of the bigger panels and splash pages are extensively detailed. This goes well with the vibrant, yet deep, colors courtesy of Joana Lafuente. The issue oozes with it’s regular scale, but the beautiful backgrounds and attention to detail make this issue stand out above the rest. It’s subtle at first, but you can’t help but feel extra attention has been paid in More Than Meets The Eye #32’s delivery.

All in all, I’m impressed. Some may find flaws in the plot and argue it’s stretching too thin, but everything seems to be going in a the same constant direction. It’s not perfect for new readers, but this is a brilliant example of what the title can offer.

  • + A unique plot that demands attention
  • + Robert's continues to write fantastic dialogue
  • + Visually stunning
  • - Not new-reader friendly

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