Transformers: Days of Decepticon #36 Review

Transformers_Days of Decepticon_36_altTransformers: Days of Decepticon #36 really kicks the new plot into gear – even if I’m not sure we were done with the old one. Ah well, how’s this new ‘Days of Decepticon’ malarky holding up?

First, the official description from IDW:

DAYS OF DECEPTION! All-out war erupts on the streets of Tokyo when PROWL finally gets his hand on the one human he wants to get revenge on… and when PROWL gets revenge, it’s never pretty.

To be honest, I’ve never been sure on humans in Transformers titles  – I always prefer the Cybertron and Lost Light settings – but this issue showcases both of the arguments. Sam Witwicky plays an important role and represents some of the conflict between species. It’s a little more interested, especially when Days of Decepticon #36 plays it against specific characters ala Prowl. As for the other people, well, it’s a generic comic-book scribble.

John Barber writes best when he’s funny, quirkly and got complete freedom over setting and narrative. Earth somewhat ruins that, while Transformers such as Prowl offer no light-heartedness. As for the non-Witwicky human cast, Barber writes a lot of edgy-yet-vague details. The military do nothing but fly around and make big statements, while others talk about “something something technology something history”. It’s one of those details that’s meant to drag you along, but the rest of Barber’s writing is much more interesting.

Visually, the title still holds its own weight. Andrew Griffith and Brendan Cahili offer some decent pencils, which do an effective job of detailing transformers and various human landscapes while making both seem at ease with the other. This is especially noteworthy when set in the angular cities, although I’m sure the vibrant, varied palette of Josh Perez and Joana Lafuente help a lot.

In short, it’s still a good issue, even if it drags it’s own heels with over-arching human drama. Still, it still feels like Transformers at the heart of it, so I’m okay with it for now. The title’s still stupid, however.

  • + Decent action sequences
  • + Looks great
  • - Blah blah human politics blah blah
  • - New arc just isn't as exciting as it could be

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