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Transformers: Dark Cybertron Finale Review

Transformers_Dark Cybertron

Transformers_Dark Cybertron_alternative coverWell here it is, the final chapter. I’m sure some will like the final chapter of Transformers: Dark Cybertron but for the rest… well, hey, at least it’s over right? And everything should go back to normal…

The official description from IDW:

IT GETS EVEN BIGGER! Okay we lied when we were talking about last issue… but this issue is as big as they come. It’s all come down to this moment—every scheme, every lie, every moment of heroism, every relationship, every rivalry… if CYBERTRON falls, so falls the universe!

Okay, so what did this chapter do right? It does flow relatively smoothly and manages to tie up  a few ends here and there. Likewise, there is some interesting character progression along the way and, for a big event at least, the implications and consequences seem very real. In other words, this shouldn’t be an event which get’s ignored/reversed any time soon.

However, there are many more loopholes and problems in the writing – most of which happen at the end. John Barber and James Roberts know the cast and showcase their talent at key moments, but the ‘big shock’ at the end is likely going to irritate a large number of Transformers fans. It changes a major dynamic of the franchise and, without a replacement set-up, doesn’t offer a satisfying alternative.

Visually, the issue is hard to argue. The pages give way to bigger panels when they need to and, when it comes to the small-scale fighting and close-ups, Brendan Cahill’s pencils do the title justice. This is also a very vibrant issue – Josh Perez clearly puts the work in when it comes to the colors. The combination of these ensures that some pages look and feel the part, even if its the aesthetic treatment holding up the plot.

All in all, it’s a decent end to a disappointing arc. I would say things would get back to normal, but the end result of this chapter ensures the good old days aren’t going to come around for a while. I’ll give the future a try though, because it can’t be as bad as Dark Cybertron.

  • + It's over!
  • + Plenty of robot-on-robot action
  • - Just what the heck happened?
  • - Barber and Roberts shake things up way too much...

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