Top 5 Biggest Rip-Off Characters in Comics


As they always say, “It’s all been done before”, or to appeal to my Battlestar Galactica brethren, “All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.” But when it comes to the sheer unoriginality of some comics characters, I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. Obviously this has been a topic in some nerd forums since the inception of the interwebs, but I feel the need to make my most overwhelming grievances in this regard known.

There are so many head-scratchingly unoriginal characters in comics it’s almost unbelievable. I was recently watching an episode of Young Justice and saw another face I had never seen before,  and my rip-off meter went deep into the red.

It’s high time we separate the prototypes from the posers, determined by date of publication. Let’s do some chronologically critical comparisons, shall we?



This was the straw that broke the carbon-copy camel’s back I mentioned before. As I watched a recent episode of Young Justice, I couldn’t help but notice a female character, with the aesthetic of a small, stinging insect who can shrink to the size of said insect and blast  little yellow energy blasts from her hands.

Um, what? Doesn’t that character exist as a well-known Avenger, regardless of skin color? Well as I check the Almighty Wikipedia, I find that while Wasp first appeared in Tales to Astonish #44 in 1963, Bumblebee didn’t appear until Teen Titans #45 in 1976. Of course the costume is similar, as they are both similarly themed, but DC could maybe go out of their way to carve their own unique bug-woman niche instead of just saying “But ours is black! Not the same!”

Rip-off artist: DC



This one is fairly well-known to comics fans, and actually has a happy ending, thanks to Marvel taking steps to not only separate their Liefeildian mutant knock-off(Deadpool) from his muse(Deathstroke), but fashion an entirely original aspect to comics narrative at the same time. While Deathstroke, who is a great villain in his own right, appeared first in The New Teen Titans in 1980, Deadpool didn’t show up for another decade, when world-famous hack/thief Rob Liefeld introduced him as a villain in a New Mutants comic at Marvel. When writer Fabian Nicieza saw the design, he was quoted as saying, “this is Deathstroke from Teen Titans”.  No kidding?

Well, thankfully Deadpool was re-imagined later as a fourth-wall-breaking psychotic smart-ass anti-hero with his own successful series of books, and is now one of the most popular characters of all time, in several titles featuring his hilarious banter…with himself. He’s even maybe someday possibly going to eventually get his own solo movie, perhaps? Alas, because Deathstroke came first DC gets the win for this round, but I’d say Marvel earns some major originality points for redeeming the character of Deadpool.

Rip-off Artist: Marvel



I was pretty sure going into this one that Namor came first, knowing that he was the original Marvel superhero, appearing way back in 1939’s Marvel Comics #1. Still, my curiosity got the best of me (as well as a small urge to stick it to DC), and I figure it’s time we call a spade a spade and name the True King of Atlantis. Aquaman first appeared in More Fun Comics #73, just 4 years later than the half-mutant, half-Atlantean Sub-Mariner, and has some very different, and a few comparable, abilities.

I’m not one to bash on Aquaman, as many are wont to do, and one look at his power set will tell you that a battle between these two royal bad-asses would be an epic one indeed. Namor is not one to take lightly either. They both certainly seem to have the whole “sad- bastard King sulking on a giant seashell” thing down to an art. Still, the crown goes to the more arrogant a**hole Atlantean in this match-up, King Namor himself.

Rip-off Artist: DC



Here’s a highly original concept: A group of misfit teenagers with strange and awesome powers faces supervillains and fights against bigotry and hate, led by a brilliant, compassionate hippie paraplegic.  Sounds great! But… it seems there are two of those teams, and we all know in this tournament there can be only one. So who are the First-Born Freaks? It looks like everyone’s favorite Marvel mutants are the losers here, having arrived just three months after The Doom Patrol debuted in June 1963.

This is awkward. I’m curious to know Stan Lee’s reasoning behind the “coincidence”. Or could it be that The X-Men were created, but not published first; who knows? With this close of a finish, we’d have to ask the publishing houses themselves, and I doubt either side would admit to any swiping of details. By the way, the X-Men’s greatest adversaries are The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whereas The Doom Patrol regularly battle The Brotherhood of Evil. Of course anyone with taste can agree on the better property being the X-Men, which boasts a long history of topping monthly sales charts and a string of successful films. So once again, Marvel gets points for taking their stolen goods and polishing them up real nice, but to DC go the spoils this round.

Rip-off Artist: Marvel



This is more of an exercise in comics history trivia, so some of you are likely aware of this in-house swipe, in which DC allowed writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons to create intentionally-similar heroes to the Charlton characters. When DC Comics bought most of Charlton’s heroes as the latter company was in the red, DC at first planned to let Moore use them for his would-be Watchmen, but later changed their minds and apparently didn’t seem to care much about the similarities when he went on to write the best-seller.

Captain Atom/Dr. Manhattan, Blue Beetle/Nite Owl, The Question/Rorshach, Nightshade/Silk Specter, Shield/The Comedian, and Ozymadias/Thunderbolt  are all very clever in both their subtle shared and contradictory qualities, to be sure. Watchmen is of course a much-lauded graphic novel, having been named best of all time by many, as well as inspiring a movie and new prequel comics series.  Yet, the fact remains, that DC replicated itself here. It has even been said that many of the Charlton characters were somewhat inspired by various other heroes.

Yes, all of this has happened before, and it will happen again soon; because there’s so damn many of these examples that I will need to write at least one more part to this thing. So look for me to rip myself off  in Part 2.


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  • Lucia Malpense

    The Doom Patrol/X-Men thing is best left alone because c’mon- Doom Patrol is an obvious rip-off of the Fantastic Four.

    • dhacker615

      And the Fantastic Four was a rip-off of the JLA (and the Challengers of the Unknown). This kind of the thing is bottomless.

      • Michael Smith

        Other than being a team of heroes, not so much. The Avengers would be more apt. Marvel and DC both rip each other off and only an extreme fanboy who is willfully ignorant would argue otherwise.

    • Joshua Franklin

      I mean honestly I would of went with Teen-Titan’s not Doom-Patrol.. Because Doom-Patrol is another LOW-KEY grouping like Wasp, and bumblebee. Also realize both ended up realizing… Marvel and DC in a year timeframe had four teenage Comic-Book groups release…

    • Nidal Burek

      Nope not really,as a team they are nothing alike,Doom Patrol is a group of outcasts hated by society while fantastic 4 is a group of scientist researching space and paranormal activities AND they are loved by society.Negative Man is a rippoff of Human Torch and pretty much others are nothing alike.Robotman is a cyborg that had his brain inserted in a robot body AND he came before the Thing,Reed Richards is originally a rippoff of Elongated Man and not because of stretching,because they are both scientists who stretch their brains to make them smarter and like dhacker615 said Fantastic 4 is a HUGE rippoff of Challengers of the Unknown

      • comics fan

        actually, elongated man is rippoff Marvel’s thin man
        and who are challengers of the unknown

  • ThatOneGuy

    Doing it first and doing it right are two completely different things. Go complain to somebody who can’t think for himself/herself.

  • ZealousRAM

    There’s a lot of Marvel rip-offs of DC that you didn’t include. I wonder why. :)

    • ‘_’

      Because it’s a top 5 list?

      • George Tamunokuro

        So X-Men/Doom Patrol makes the list but the likes of Green Arrow/Hawkeye, Flash/Quick Silver, Dark Seid/Thanos and Superman/Hyperion which are all higher profile and Marvel clearly ripped off DC, don’t count. Hell, you can even argue Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark adn Hulk/Doomsday

        • neoncandi

          Tony Stark vs Bruce Wayne makes no sense because well they are both millionaires they have different back stories completely as with most of the rip offs but the also fight crime in completely different ways. batman searching for the villains( the joker,cat woman ex…). and Iron man protecting himself from the next challenger to step his way. iron man also never interacts with the league of shadow (or assassins as they are now named) where as batman is trained by Ra’s al ghul and then becomes his greatest enemy. every claim you just made can easily be argued with many valid points just by doing 5 seconds of research. its the opinion of the writer it may be biased but that’s because he made it stop complaining.

          • George Tamunokuro

            Batman’s an orpahned Billionaire, philantropist, playboy genius and at times an engineer. Yes, Christopher Nolan had many believe that Morgan Feeman made Batman’s tech, he and Alfred did. And on the topic of top 5 how do the Charlton guys and watchmen outrank Flash/Quicksilver, Darkseid/Thanos and/or Green Arrow/Thanos. The article is just painfully biased

        • Dr. Jones

          I think Hulk/Solomon Grundy are more alike than Hulk/Doomsday

          And Stark/Wayne?!? Give me a break!

          Green Arrow/Hawkeye; Flash/Quick Silver? Why would they be in a top 5 list? Nobody reads that crap.

          • George Tamunokuro

            They do a lot more than some of the ones on the list, L.A.W (the Charlton characters) and I’ve never or met anyone that read a Wasp or Bumblebee comic, I don’t think either of them has ever headlines anything

          • Joshua Franklin

            Generally not a big fan of marvel guy.. But you guy’s are talking about Flash, and Quicksilver, Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.. Being character’s no one cares about….. But what about Wasp, and Bumblebee? LITERALLY NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THEM…. Green Arrow, and Hawkeye would of been a lot more High-Key comparison then Bumblee, and Wasp (Seeing as Bumblebee isn’t even a main-character ina anything when she comes in.. It’s like for a single issue and then you don’t see her for a long-ass time..)

          • Justsomeguy.

            I must be the odd one, cause I like Flash, and Quicksilver, Green Arrow, and Hawkeye and other characters like them

        • heat


          Wasp – Bumblebee

          Captain America – Guardian

          Wolverine – Lobo

          Galactus – Anti-Monitor

          Red Skull – Black Mask

          Hulk – doomsday

          Deathlok- Cyborg

          Aarkus(the original vision)- Martian Manhunter

          Guardians of the galaxy – stormwatch

          I can go on…..DC steals a shit ton from marvel. And Marvel is usually getting flack for it. DC fans are dumb.

          • Jay Kelley

            Justice League – Avengers
            Batman – Ironman
            Wonder Woman – Ms Marvel
            Superman – The Sentry
            Darkseid – Thanos
            Brainiac – Ultron
            Flash – Quicksilver
            Green Arrow – Hawkeye
            Clayface – Sandman
            Deathstroke – Deadpool
            Suicide Squad – Thunder Bolts
            Robin – Bucky Barners
            Deadshot – Bullseye
            Penguin – The Owl
            Green Latern Corps – Nova Corps
            Catwoman – Black Cat
            Doom Patrol – X-Men
            Doctor Fate – Doctor Strange
            Red Hood – Winter Soldier
            Atom – Ant-Man
            Plastic Man – Mister Fantastic
            Cheetah – Tigra
            Captain Marvel – Thor
            Captain Boomerang – Boomerang
            Dr. Polaris – Magneto

            Please go on.

          • Shawn Heat123

            Man thing 1971 – Swamp thing 1971 (Man thing came out may, swamp thing came out july)
            Namor 1939 – Aquaman 1941
            Aarkus(the original vision) 1940 – Martian Manhunter 1955
            Deathlok 1974 – Cyborg 1980
            Captain America 1941 – Guardian(DC Comics) 1942
            Wasp 1963 – Bumblebee 1977
            Blazing skull 1941 – Atomic Skull 1978
            The Lizard 1963 – Killer Croc 1983
            Human Torch 1939(golden version) – Sunboy 1961
            Dormammu 1964 – Trigon 1981
            Electro 1964 – black lighting 1977
            Spiderman 1962 – Black Spider 1976
            Galactus 1966 – Anti-Monitor 1985
            Iron Man 1963 – Steel DC 1993
            Hulk – Doomsday (I won’t list the time of debut because it’s painfully obvious.)
            Gorilla-Man 1954 – Gorilla Grodd 1959
            Phoenix 1963 – Raven 1980
            Red Skull 1941 – 1985 Black Mask
            Black Panther 1966 – Bronze Tiger 1974
            X23 2004 – Saiko 2011 (I would say he is a wolverine rip off but since he has 2 claws I say X23)
            Jack frost 1941 – Icicle 1947
            Crossbones 1981 – Bane 1993
            Whirlwind 1963 – Red tornado 1968
            Fantastic four 1961 – Doom Patrol 1964
            Juggernaut 1965 – Mammoth (DC) 1981
            Rouge 1964 – Black Alice 2005
            Multiple man 1975 – Multiplex 1978

            Also the Human torch and Fire (DC)
            Bra, I can play this game for a long time.

          • phillip

            Marvel ripped off DC more times than DC ripped off Marvel lol you suck, your cunt, kill yourslef

          • Ivan Schneider

            Stop telling people to kill themselves, you dumb fuck.

          • shenron

            I think its like this
            Atom(1961) – ironman(1963) and antman(1962). Bats is way different. His tech is miles behind others.
            Superman – Hyperion and Gladiator. Sentry is copied from Super Saiyans from DBZ, he has powers of exploding suns, ie an energy based hero not physical strength based, significantly different from superman.
            Thor is taken from Norse mythology not from that stupid captain marvel shazam.

          • Hongo Subterráneo

            Thor a rip-off of Captain Marvel… Oook… Because the very very old Norse mythology has nothing to do with Odinson…

          • Master Zen

            Most of these aren’t that similar, for me the worst is if it’s the same themed and the same powers and costume, like bumblebee or tigra.

          • George Tamunokuro

            Wolverine and Lobo? What’s the similarity beyond the healing factor which has been around long before Wolverine and the sense of smell. Lobo’s an alien bounty hunter who’s the last of his species, Wolverine’s a mutant. Vision and the Martian Manhunter are a bit more similar but Black Mask has nothing in common with Red skull except the coloured face. Now let’s look at Marvel copying DC; Let’s start with Brainiac; an alien robot who goes from planet to planet feeding on the knowledge of the planet and then destroying it much like Marvel’s Galctus feeds on worlds and destroys them. Brainiac’s also indestructible and any bit of him left can carry his consciousness after which he would probably upgrade himself much like the villain of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic, FLash/ Quicksilver, Superman/Hyperion and Sentry, Green Arrow/Hawkeye, Green Lantern/NOva Corps, Darkseid/Thanos, Deathstroke/Deadpool (Down to the names; Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson), The Atom/Ant-Man, Dr. Fate/Dr. Strange, Batman/Moon Knight, Catwoman/Balck Cat, Jason Todd (Red Hood)/Bucky Barnes, Martian Manhunter/Captain Marvel, you might argue it but Batman/Iron Man. This is just scratching the suface.I know DC copied some of Marvel’s works but to say it is one sided with DC copying Marvel’s works will be wrong. Marvel’s done it more as DC was around longer, they started the genre and created some iconic characters before Marvel truly took off. I absolutely love both sides and would hate to antagonise Marvel in any way but to accuse just DC of copying is plain wrong

          • Shawn Heat123

            Man thing 1971 – Swamp thing 1971 (Man thing came out may, swamp thing came out july)
            Namor 1939 – Aquaman 1941
            Aarkus(the original vision) 1940 – Martian Manhunter 1955
            Deathlok 1974 – Cyborg 1980
            Captain America 1941 – Guardian(DC Comics) 1942
            Wasp 1963 – Bumblebee 1977
            Blazing skull 1941 – Atomic Skull 1978
            The Lizard 1963 – Killer Croc 1983
            Human Torch 1939(golden version) – Sunboy 1961
            Dormammu 1964 – Trigon 1981
            Electro 1964 – black lighting 1977
            Spiderman 1962 – Black Spider 1976
            Galactus 1966 – Anti-Monitor 1985
            Iron Man 1963 – Steel DC 1993
            Hulk – Doomsday (I won’t list the time of debut because it’s painfully obvious.)
            Gorilla-Man 1954 – Gorilla Grodd 1959
            Phoenix 1963 – Raven 1980
            Red Skull 1941 – 1985 Black Mask
            Black Panther 1966 – Bronze Tiger 1974
            X23 2004 – Saiko 2011 (I would say he is a wolverine rip off but since he has 2 claws I say X23)
            Jack frost 1941 – Icicle 1947
            Crossbones 1981 – Bane 1993
            Whirlwind 1963 – Red tornado 1968
            Fantastic four 1961 – Doom Patrol 1964
            Juggernaut 1965 – Mammoth (DC) 1981
            Rouge 1964 – Black Alice 2005
            Multiple man 1975 – Multiplex 1978

            Brainiac doesn’t consume planets now does he?

          • disqus_xR5RRg8bzj

            yea it should of been Brainiac and The Collector since they both collect things

          • Joshua Franklin

            Also You realize DC, and Marvel came up with about Six Teenage groups in a three/four year Time-Frame?

          • Nidal Burek

            Literally 80% of your list is bullshit and im going to prove it.

            Both are a rippoff of The Heap and its interesanting that creators of both Man Thing and Swamp Thing were roommates at the time of creation and creator admitted that Swamp Thing was drawn and written first(its a fact)

            Namor was just a humanoid who attacked ships and lived underwater,he only got the connection to Atlantis in 1968(in his reboot),do you honestly think that Aquaman would be more popular if they are excatly the same?

            The only thing that is simillar between these two is how they came to Earth.They have diffrent powers,diffrent goals and a WHOLE diffrent character.

            Deathlok was just a zombie with a mechanical body and a blaster.He only got his powers in his reboot(the ability to hack,enginerring,gadgets and rest)

            Guardian is supposed to be a DC representation of Captain America -.-

            Its true that Bumblebee stole the wings,but the Wasp stole the style of outfitting which she is most famous for.

            Blazing Skull isnt made by Marvel and they are TOTALLY diffrent.Blazing Skull was a dude who ran into a tribe who had-well Blazing Skulls and joined them while Atomic Skull is a nuclear scientist who got into a accident and got the powers

            Beacuse they are both lizards?LOL Lizard was a scientist who wanted to regrow his arm using Lizards blood,while Killer Croc was a child who was born with a physical condition.But ill give this one to you,Man Bat is the actual rippoff

            WOW.First Human Torch was a android who had ZERO connection to Johnny Storm,the only thing that is the same is the ability to cloak fire and manipulate it.Say,wasnt Zatara using that power before Human Torch?And not to mention that Human Torch was rebooted only after Sun Boy who had comical attitude and often rush to battle on his own.Excatly like Johnny.

            Dormmamu is a apprentice of a sorcerer while Trigon is a actual demon *facepalm

            Because they both shoot lightning?Again LOL Electric Man from DC predated Electro with the power and not to mention that Black Lightning and him have nothing in common

            OMG this is just sad.Black Spider is a ex drug addict who takes revenge on the mob with the sniper,he cant climb walls,he cant shoot web and for fucks sake he is not even athletic.The version from the cartoon was recusted by the voice actor because he wanted the DC version of Spiderman

            Galactus was a alien explorer who escaped by a ship(which got destroyed)and the consucences made him Galactus while Antimonitor was a member of Guardians of the Universe who created a machine which destroyed and made him-well Antimonitor,how are they actually alike?

            Steel Dc is inspired by Iron Man but they have WHOLE diffrent goals,whole diffrent personalities and say didnt Golden Age Metallo had more in common?Him and Iron Man both have powered suits,both are engineers,both need a device(In Metallos case kryptonite)to keep them alive because of the accident.

            What is so painfully obvious between these two?WHAT excatly?Because they are both big and strong?WOW Hulk was a scientist who got into a accident with a nuclear matter while Doomsday is a geneticlly made creature to destroy Superman that also has a LOT of powers unlike Hulk,they are literally nothing alike.

            Gorilla Man is a human wearing a gorilla suit while Gorilla Grodd is a smart gorilla invader-again *facepalm and besides DC Titano predated Gorilla Man

            How are they alike actually?Phoenix is a mutant born with pshycic powers while Raven is a daugter of a demon.

            I STILL FUCKING DONT GET HOW YOU EVEN CONNECTED THESE TWO.They only have masks and thats it.Red Skull is a Nazi FUCKING SUPERHUMAN while Black Mask is a mob leader,the only thing that is simillar is the mask,other than that they are nothing alike

            Bronze tiger grew up in a black neighborhood in New York while Black Panther is a king of Wakanda,who got his powers of the Panther gods,Bronze Tiger went to China to be taught Kung Fu……They are both based on cats and thats i,besides him and DC Wildcat have a lot more in common

            X23 is a genetical clone of Wolverine while Saiko is a childhood friend of Dick Grayson who is persumed dead.The only thing in common is the claws and nothing more.

            Jack Frost was a adaptation of the myth Jack Frost and he had no personality or background story whatsoever,they both manipulate ice and thats it.

            Bane was inspired by Crossbones clothing and thats it.Crossbones is a assasin trained by Taskmaster i think,while Bane is a serial killer who was injected with a steroid called Venom,and he grew up in a prison…..

            Whirlwind is a mutant who spins around in high speed,Red Tornado actually forms a cyclone.They are nothing alike,Whirlwind is a mutant and Red Tornado is a android who was sent to kill Justice League AND didnt the cyclone thing come from that character from Looney Toons? Which is owned by DC.

            These groups have a whole diffrent goal,personalities and characters.Negative Man has a energy clone that he can send from his body and cant live without him for 60 seconds+he has a serious personality while Johnny can cloaks himself in fire and can shoot fire,Elasti Girl doesnt actually stretch,she shrinks and can make herself taller and she isnt a scientist or has personality like Reed(i have read these comics personally),The only one that is simillar is Robotman who actually was made EARLIER in 1949 and not to mention that FF got their team characterisation from Challengers of the Unknown like Rocky Davis,he is a brute who uses his fists in combat and almost never his brain like the Thing or Matthew Ryan a comical stuntman who engages in combat on his own or the scientist Walter Haley who barely ever inagages in combat like Reed and not to mention that Johnny and Reed copied the powers and personalities from Elongated Man and Sun Boy,

            Juggernaut is a genious who has i think a crystal that he gets his powers from+he uses force fields while Mammoth is just a strong brute.

            A actual legit rippoff,well done genious

            Because they both clone themselves?LOL DC predated him with Triplicate Girl.

            This list is FILLED with bullshit,these characters only have equipment or appearance that is simillar,other than that NOTHING(two or three are the only legit ones LOL) These characters have been found on You Tube i persume and it looks like you dont know shit about them.You are fucking pathetic

          • James Bond


          • Hongo Subterráneo

            FYI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobo_(DC_Comics) “This version of Lobo was intended to be an over-the-top parody of the Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine”. In a 2006 interview, Keith Giffen said, “I have no idea why Lobo took off… I came up with him as an indictment of the Punisher, Wolverine hero prototype, and somehow he caught on as the high violence poster boy. Go figure.”

          • Comicguy

            just an FYI before you spew bullshit do your research marvel was under the name of ATLAS comics before they switched over to marvel.

          • Comicguy

            DC and marvel were both founded 1939. both sides take aspects from the other. its like when a music artist does a remake. no shit its a remake but its also a different song in itself. Stop being asshats. and for the love of god DEADPOOL was not a ripoff. its called satire you idiot. they were spoofing deathstroke hence the comedy behind deadpool.

          • Joshua Paul Hawkins

            How is Black Mask a ripoff of Red Skull? Because they look similar? Give me a break. Two totally different characters with totally different motivations. Let’s not forget Moon Knight and Batman by the way. Couldn’t get any more blatant then that. You’re really reaching with Stormwatch and Guardians as well. Lobo was INTENTIONAL. They basically advertised him as a joke against Wolverine. Thanks for playing.

          • feenix219

            Black Mask has absolutely no similarities to Red Skull, character wise….and I’d say Grundy is the DC Hulk.

          • Nidal Burek

            Lets debunk this shit.

            Namor is originally a rippoff of The Shark wich debuted months before him.

            Bumblebee did steal the wing but the origin on how they got them are completly diffrent.Wasp used a machine to grow te wings while Bumblebee originally had a suit and couldnt even shrink and not to mention that Wasp was originally red and she stole the suit from Bumblebee AND is heavily inspired by Shrinking Violet.

            Guardian is supposed to be a dcs version of Captain America -.- like Power Princess is supposed to be a marvels version of Wonder Woman.

            You marvel fanboys really get the boner when creator said that Lobo is inspired by Wolverine,and not to mention that Wolverine got the bad boy attitude from Timber Wolf and besides that they are nothing alike,one is a mutant while other one is a alien

            He is inspired by Galactus but their origins are completly diffrent.Galactus was a universal explorer who got his powers from a accident,Anti Monitor was a member of Guardians of the Universe and wanted to know the origins of the universe but a machine released the evil of the world making him evil.Calling him a rippoff is beyond ridicoulus.

            WTF really?Because of the skull?For fucks sake red skull is a NAZI FUCKING SUPERHUMAN,while Black Mask is a mob boss,for fucks sake except the mask they are NOTHING alike.

            This keeps getting better by the minute,Doomsday is a geneticly made creature that was built to destroy Superman while Hulk was a scientist who got his powers because of the Nuclear explosion,and really because they are both big and powerful you consider them a rippoff?Wow,and not to mention that Hulk is originally a rippoff of Solomon Grundy

            This one is actually legit except the origins.Cyborg was a football player who got injured by his fathers machine,while Deathlok is a ex soldier who got injured on the field.But their equipment is too specific so ill give you this one.

            Both are aliens and thats it.Martian Manhunter has diffrent origins and whole diffrent characters.Aarkus was invited to Earth while he was transporting a prisoner while Martian Manhunter was accidentaly teleported to Earth.

            Guardians of the Galaxy is a team of superheroes that want to stop the invasion on the Kree,while Stormwatch is a United Nation sponsored team.I honestly dont know how you even connected these two.

            Pretty weak list consider only 2 characters on your list are rippoffs

          • Jalex

            So fucking what?

          • Alex Ryffel

            Disclaimer: I love both companies, but I do prefer DC and I hope a predjudice doesn’t come across in the following text, because I do love both.

            First things first, I think it is fair to say both companies steal plenty of ideas from one another. Whether one company is better than the other, that is just up to personal preference.
            Second, Lobo is really not a ripoff of Wolverine: Lobo is an alien born on the utopian planet of Czarnia, and works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter.
            Does that sound like Wolverine?

            P.S I could get a list just as long against Marvels ripoffs.

          • johnhurschelrunion

            thanos is a rip off of darkseid.

          • johnhurschelrunion

            terminator is more of a rip off of deathlok than dc’s cyborg is. cyborg is more of a rip off of the six million dollar man. terminator is a rip-off of cyborg 2087 (1966) + Harlan Ellison’s outer limits story for the episode soldier, etc.

          • johnhurschelrunion

            dc’s timberwolf is the likely ‘inspiration’ for wolverine.

        • Eh

          dont forget ant man copying atom

          • johnhurschelrunion

            before the silver age atom there was the golden age atom who didn’t shrink, but the golden age did have a shrinking hero before the atom or ant – man … quality comics’s doll man.

  • Mimo

    Judigng by what u write.. You are a Marvel Supporter… and reading this form someone with a Prejudice, is definitely not worth it.

  • Lyle

    To defend some of these: Bumblebee started out as just having a power suit that made her able to fly and shoot out ‘stings’. The size changing came different, and one could argue that Wasp eventually stole her fashion sense, since Bumblebee always had a black and yellow costume.
    I don’t believe that X-Men ripped off Doom Patrol. I think this was just an idea whose time had come, and both came out pretty much at the same time. The fact that Doom Patrol came out 3 months later really doesn’t prove that this idea was thought up first.

  • charlie

    Black Cat is a pretty blatant ripoff of Catwoman. And I think that as far as Marvel characters go Taskmaster is more like Deathstroke than Deadpool. Except for the masks and a few small random accessories Taskmaster and Deathtroke have virtually the same outfits.

    • Anon

      Well the only real resemblance to Black Cat and Cat Woman is they are both women, they have cat in their name and they dated a superhero but other than that there is nothing similar between them.

      • Edward Nigma

        Really? How about the fact that they’re BOTH burglars, who use gymnastics as their main “power” ?

        • Rick Stevenson

          Black Cat actually has luck powers.

    • Anon

      Black cat donned the black out fit and was a cat burgler before catwoman. Catwoman is definitely older but black cat was the character that brought the features that are similar to the 2 of them first.

    • TS3

      Catwoman is a rip off of Miss Fury so what now???

      • Joshua Franklin

        You realize Catwoman’s first appearance was in 1940?

    • TS3

      Miss Fury who came years before in 1943. Dig deep.

    • George Tamunokuro

      Deadpool’s creator admitted the resemblance, even their names; Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Wade Wilson (Deathstroke)

      • feenix219

        Where do you do a Death stroke? In a dead pool.

        • Joshua Franklin

          Death – Dead (Both final endings.) Stroke – Pool (Stroke of a knife, a pool of blood.)

          • feenix219

            You’re thinking too hard. Its even cornier then that. Swimming strokes, like a back stroke… you would do a “death” stroke, in a “dead” pool.

          • Joshua Franklin

            *Sigh* I really hope that’s not what they were going for Originally wasn’t he just a character to make fun of Deathstroke?

          • feenix219

            Right, and that was part of the joke/parody on the name deathstroke. My original comment was probably more literal then joking. Where do you do a Death Stroke…. in a Dead Pool.

    • Nidal Burek

      This has been debunked so many times.Their origins are helluva diffrent,Taskmaster has mimicing powers which he had since he was a child while Slade was injected with super soldier serum that gave him the ability to use the 90% of his brain+his comics have a lot of drama with his family AND he is a ex-soldier which gives him tactical advantages over his oponnents.His equipment is helluva lot diffrent from Taskmasters:Taskmaster uses a sword(middle age sword that knights use)and a replica of Captain Americas shield,billy club,bow and arrow and a S.H.I.E.L.D device that makes “holographic”weapons,he used gunes AFTER Slade was released,Slade uses two katanas,double SMGs,Sniper Rifle and his main weapon is a staff that shoots lethal energy and non lethal energy.The first Deathstroke costume WAS like Taskmaster but he didnt stick with that one for a very long time,he started wearing a lot of black-sorta metallic kinda suit,which newer version of Taskmaster obviously copied.They are helluva diffrent and not to mention that Deadpool didnt even have that comical attitude at the beginning.He was EXCATLY same as Slade only with red suit,only after he gained the comical attitude and LATER creator said that he was a parody only to save his ass.

      • Comics fan

        Yeah, good job, You totaly made it clear, that dc knows how to hide their copied characters

    • Glenn Morris

      You’re more right than I think you know. Artist George Perez created Deathstroke and gave him the same powers as Taskmaster because George Perez created Taskmaster, then left The Avengers at the peak of his career to work for DC.

    • ApeLieUproar

      “Black Cat is a pretty blatant ripoff of Catwoman.”

      Not according to Marv Wolfman.

  • Conor Dunne

     in 1987.”Watchmen” originated from a story proposal Moore submitted to DC featuring superhero
     characters that the company had acquired from Charlton Comics
    . As Moore’s proposed story would have left many of the characters unusable for future stories, managing editor Dick Giordano
     convinced Moore to create original characters instead.

  • Nick

    Stan Lee has admitted to creating the Fantastic Four (1961) after hearing of the success of DC’s Justice League of America (1960). Not that they’re similar teams, just he was inspired by the idea of a group of superheroes.
    I can’t keep up and don’t follow it closely enough (though I love it!) Flash/Quicksilver. Elongated Man/Mr Fantastic. Green Arrow/Hawkeye. Hawkman/Angel, etc. Hell, even though Marvel’s (arguably) preeminent Spider-man was created nearly 30 years later, there are more than a few similarities between him and DC’s (unarguably) fundamental Superman.
    I am often puzzled by it. I am kinda surprised there hasn’t been any massive lawsuits (to my – admittedly inferior – knowledge.) But I love both DC and Marvel pretty much evenly, and I’m glad we have all these spectacular characters…

    • Section 8 Insanity

      Finally someone who isn’t taking sides and bitching.btw love both dlc and marvel the same 2 just some characters better than others.

      • Joshua Franklin

        Idk my major-issue is Marvel-Tard’s who always look down on DC like we’re “inferior’ I don’t care about your comics.. I think they’re lousy, and mediocre but I don’t care…

        • Justsomeguy.

          I don’t care if you do not like Marvel, I will not lose any sleep over it, I think Marvel and DC tards are both fucking stupid. If you like DC, then go to your DC forums and talk among your fellow DC fans. the same goes for Marvel fans

    • Shazam

      Not quite. Stan Lee has said that when he was editor of the comics in the early 60’s he was instructed by his publisher to create a team due to the success of The Justice League. So it wasn’t Stan getting inspired, so much as his publisher seeing a team book doing well and telling him “give me a team comic!”

      As for lawsuits, there have been several, and DC’s “Captain Marvel” was at the center of two of the biggest ones. In the early 40s, DC sued Fawcett claiming Captain Marvel (who at that point was the highest selling comic) was a ripoff of Superman. After many years of litigation, and with Captain Marvel’s sales dwindling into the mid 50’s, they settled out of court.

      Years later, when Captain Marvel was no longer being published (but then owned by DC), Marvel introduced their own “Captain Marvel” character. When DC tried to revive their own similarly named hero, Marvel sued DC (who hadn’t published Captain Marvel in some time), ultimately getting DC to change the title of their book to “Shazam.”

      • Millirado Ezarael

        Marvel didn’t sue DC. They just got the comic book named copyrighted so DC named their comic Shazam but were still able to keep the character’s name Captain Marvel. DC only made his name Shazam because it got confusing to new readers.

  • Section 8 Insanity

    If everyone’s going to bitch about who was first then every super hero is a ripoff of the original super hero and every comic is a ripoff of the original BUT it doesn’t matter if you like a character then more power to you but all this copy characters bull is a pointless waste of time that we can be using to just show our appreciation of the characters themselves.

  • kylos

    The Comedian is a version of Peacemaker, not Shield. Shield was an Archie Comics superhero, not Charlton. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peacemaker_%28comics%29

  • Miles

    Clearly your a Marvel supporter by what you write and totally biased.. Also there are a lot of Marvel rip offs of DC n other characters you “forgot” to mention.. Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Angel, Mr.Fantastic etc…

  • Bob Graff


  • Carl Hallowell

    Go back far enough, and everything is a rip-off going back to the Bible, or the Greeks, or Shakespeare, or Egyptian hieroglyphics, or cave paintings…

    • Jalex

      I wish I could up vote this comment more one time

  • Theo James

    Deadpool >>>>>>>> Deathstroke

    • raniranirani

      Jealous? Deadpool is a rip-off of Deathstroke. 😉

      • Brian

        Who is a ripoff of Taskmaster. So technically, Deadpool is a ripoff of Taskmaster.

        • Arcueid Brunstud

          how so?

      • Theo James

        a satyre actually and regardless he’s not a mockery of deathstroke anymore we’re not in the 90s, he’s his own character :)

    • Mohsin Javed

      f*** deadpool

      • Theo James

        f*** you

        • Mohsin Javed

          i am deadpool

          • AAP

            theou n i am Marval one who own u

      • AAP

        u cant stp laughing ,, Give some time to me ill make you feel what is India

  • Xavier Patterson

    marvel steals characters from dc and makes them 1000x better

    • raniranirani

      In your dreams.

      • Gilbert Galvan

        Yeah DC kicks ass

    • Joshua Franklin

      o_O What character’s are you talking about…. ‘Still doesn’t give a shit about Marvel’

      • Caped Crusader


        • Gilbert Galvan


      • Caped Crusader

        Dr Strange

  • Toby Kirkby

    Why did you list all the originals first then the Watchmen, until you got to Ozymadias

  • TURK125

    You are bias as fuck. Marvel is the KING of ripping off characters, lead by the Grand Wizard of stealing Ideas Stan “The least creative man” Lee. No one rips off ideas like Marvel NOONE. That said I love good work from both companies. Anyone who prefers one over the other for any reason other than the work speaking to them is a joke.

  • TURK125

    You are bias as fuck. Marvel is the KING of ripping off characters, lead by the Grand Wizard of stealing Ideas Stan “The least creative man” Lee. No one rips off ideas like Marvel NOONE. That said I love good work from both companies. Anyone who prefers one over the other for any reason other than the work speaking to them is a joke.

    • raVen

      this comment… wow you’re an idiot

  • Leigha Smith

    I could read these comments all day. Lets blast someone for a bias..by showing a bias…boom.

    I love comics…all of them, but yeah…I see all your points, but why the dichotomy or binary thinking? Marvel is rocking movies right now, but I grew up in the 90s, when both comics had terrible movies, :)

  • Joshua Franklin

    Btw….. Doom Patrol, Teen-Titans, Young Justice.. Dude… Their are DOZENS of those.. Lol Marvel, and DC have DOZENS xD

  • Joshua Franklin

    Also question why did you go with low-key groups like Doom-Patrol, and Bumblebee, and Wasp… When there’s a lot more High-Key ripoff’s…

  • vino veritas

    Marvel fanboy writes a list of “rip off” characters while admitting he’s a biased fanboy who wants to “stick it to DC”. LoL! What the hell was the point of this stupid waste of time again?

  • Jeddy Khan

    DC has Flash, Marvel has Quicksilver; DC has Green Arrow,Marvel has Hawkeye. the list is endless

    • Comics fan

      actually, green arrow is copied from marvel’s arrow

      • Arran Vid

        Green Arrow copies Robin Hood

  • Drunk_Kent

    End of the day DC started it all with Superman and he will always be the ultimate super hero, good honest with the abilities of a God

  • Francis

    dumb kids‼

  • Justin MacIver

    Stan Lee addressed Xmen already, back then artists would work on any comic they could. Stan had a stack of ideas on his wall waiting for art to finish for future publication. He said he was royally upset when he saw his design already published so he said fine, but mine will have the best story and beat them. He admitted to inspiration of FF based on DC’s characters too, so his view shows he was influenced by others too. Batman vs Ironman is bunk read the original batman issues vs the original ironman. Ironman was more a defender while batman was a gun toting attacker.

  • billnye69

    What, no Superman and Sentry? Pfft.

  • Ben Keller

    OMG, C’mon. The similarity in Watchmen was *deliberate.* It’s not a ripoff, it’s an intentional literary conceit to allow Moore to deconstruct the entire superhero genre, and in so doing show what they and the world around them might actually be like in real life. It’s the very thing that makes Watchmen one of the greatest works of literature in the entire genre.

  • Ken Coleman

    Not to mention Wilmar Shiras’s part in creating much of the X-Men’s canonical foundation. Or Ben Cooper Inc’s spiderweb-covered “Spider Man” Halloween costume from the 50’s.

  • johnhurschelrunion

    dc’s timberwolf is likely the inspiration for wolverine.