Top 4 Reasons Captain America’s UNCANNY AVENGERS is Super Racist

Captain America is a man with the audacity to drape himself in an American flag.  A man so cocky, he claims to stand for all the values that makes our country great.  Captain America is a man that does not stand for truth or justice.  He is a man that stands for bullcrap, oppression and the ignorant power mad Avenger’s way.  He is not the sentinel of liberty, he is simply a damn sentinel who has more mutant blood on his hands than those big stupid robots.

1.      Where Was Cap When Everyone Was Dying?

Captain America feels guilty for not helping mutants, but only after their entire race is almost exterminated!  Mutants had been fighting for their rights for years, during M Day, while Scarlet Witch almost wiped out their entire population, Cap didn’t care.  When Cyclops and the X-Men lived on their own island due to anti-mutant hysteria in America, Cap didn’t care.  Only when Cyclops got so desperate he killed professor X and almost wiped out the entire earth… then Cap cared.  Crap Cap, what does it take to get you care for an entire dying demographic.

2.      Mutants Screwed Everything Up, They Need a Human Savior

Captain America thinks the Avengers need to save mutant kind, because when the mutant run X-Men tried to help, they almost wrecked the planet.  Someone needs to speak for mutant rights, it just needs to be under the Avengers’s control.  And who is the best person to put together this team… Captain America, the Aryan, blond blue eyed American standard of masculine perfection.  How the heck can someone like him empathize in any way to the struggles of the mutant population?  How the crap can someone be so dang cocky?

3.      Are You Being a Good Little Mutant?

Captain America thinks he can decide who are the “good” and “bad” mutants. How does his ignorant behind get the right to dictate the distinguishing qualities of a “good” mutant or “bad” mutant?  Of course a “good” mutant is one who will best fight to keep the status quo.  They won’t be one of those pesky trouble starting mutants who bring up the inequality in America.

4.    Now Dance For Me Mutie Freak

The Uncanny Avengers are created to give a positive image of mutants, this of course will include these “good” mutants shucking and jiving for the human masses.  Hell, the last time Wolverine didn’t follow Cap’s orders the super soldier threw Wolvie out a plane.  And Wolverine is the most self-hating mutant ever.  I’m pretty sure he hates mutant’s almost as much as Captain America does.  But I still bet if Thor or Black Widow didn’t follow orders they wouldn’t be thrown out a damn plane.  Do that dance Logan.  Be a good little boy.



Jay Deitcher is a writer and licensed social worker from Albany, NY. He is currently taking MFA courses at the College of St. Rose. You can read his other work at
  • Ben

    I read a lot of articles on this website but this is the first time I felt like I had to comment. There seems to be a lot of insults to Captain America was barely any expansion at all. Starting from the first reasoning of “Where Was Cap when Everyone was Dying” you said /Cap didn’t care/. You kind of touched on the subject of him not helping mutants and he only started helping when the whole planet was at risk. So you are saying that he doesn’t have his own issues or that he needs to be the savior of mutants? This leads into the next argument you posed. “Mutants Screwed Up Everything, they Need a Human Savior”. Okay, Aryan? Seriously? That is so aside from the point but whatever, you included for reasons unknown to me. Captain America is a leader! He is a natural born leader and there is a reason he has this status. He is extremely capable in situations with his team. He isn’t some cocky douche bag. And also, this could just be me, but I think that in the events that Captain America DOES interact with the Xmen and other mutants, people look to him to lead. Like I said before, he is a natural born. The paragraph for “Are You Being a Good Little Mutant” was so weak, man. You tried to claim that he could decide which mutants were bad and which were good. The last time I saw him doing something like this, he was trying to save the world from the power of Hope and Phoenix Force. It was for the greater good of humanity. You included absolutely no examples to support your claim rendering it useless to me or anyone who could read it. “Now Dance for Me, Mutie Freak” also had very little evidence to support what you wrote. When HUMANITY was at stake, he threw Wolverine out so that he wouldn’t have to deal with him. They disagreed on what to do with Hope, so Captain America, making a choice, threw him out. Overall, I think I get what you are saying in this article but you have zero evidence to back anything up. You can’t just try to make him some bigoted, ignorant asshole who hates mutants without support. It makes you look like an idiot. ALSO, “Red, White, and Racist”? You said NOTHING about race in this at all. It was part of that catchy slogan of yours but was irrelevant and made reading this worse.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Mutants are a race of hominid. Like Neanderthals or those cute little hobbity things they found in the pacific isles

  • Miri

    Um… there was pretty much no research here? If you’ve read any of Captain America at ALL you’d know he’s one of the most outspoken advocates for mutant rights. You’ve got no issues to back up any of your points? Quote them if you’re going to be so outlandishly offensive about Cap. Secondly, he is NOT in control of the team, he’s appointed Alex Summers as its leader and thirdly… uh… what the hell was this anyway? Why am I bothering to comment??

  • Reader

    This article was trash.

  • Joshua Trask

    This may be the worst thing written since mein kampf.


    Are you fucking dense? Or are you just hoping to drum up traffic to this shitty site?

    You know how and why you’re wrong.