Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #6 Review


Todd, The Ugliest Kidd on Earth just keeps getting more demented and twisted and for fans of this type of off-the-wall humor it’s the book you always been looking for.

Official description from IMAGE:
CHARLIE ROSE’S TABLE: PUBLIC BROADCASTING SATAN,’ Part Two Todd gets caught in the crossfire between Charlie Rose and a half-crazed demon hunter. Meanwhile, Chief Hargrave continues searching for his ideal black partner. Peggy sees a back-alley cosmetologist about improving her looks. And Gus finds a way to hide the fact that Sandy has, well, been dragged to hell.

Ken Kristensen continues his no-holds-barred attack on conventional wisdom and quite frankly sanity. Todd’s story is equivalent to some of the best satire and comedy that you’d see on almost any late night on cable only it’s in comic book form. Still every bit as bizarre as one could hope for and Kristensen gives it to us in droves. Add to the mix of dysfunctional, self-absorbed characters Dr. Bechdel a cannabis smoking Planned Parenthood doctor who offers “noninvasive” plastic surgery on the side and in a alley way dumpster behind the building. Also there is some sort of voodoo doll involved in this but you might need some cannabis of your own to figure that one out.

Poor Todd gets thrown back into the mix here as his father needs him to pretend he is his non-biologial sister Sandy for just, oh, the next several years. Because they both wear bags on their heads how would anyone find out? Well, that question gets answered here too as the two bullies in Todd’s life decide to take “Sally” off for a little game of seven minutes in heaven. Behind closed doors that it is the dialogue will just make your skin crawl but it’s where bully number two, Will, discovers first hand, literally, that Sally is packing more than they think only to confirmed by bully number one. Yeah, it’ll make your skin crawl just a bit.

Gus still has issues with his TV still stuck on PBS and Satan’s main man his shows up to help and get is possessed table to the studio. Turns out Gus’ TV repairman just so happens to be The Marxman anti-satanic demon hunter. Sally, Gus’ wife heads to Planned Parenthood for a breast enlargement in the office dumpster of Dr. Bechdel. Plus the chief of police is having dinner with his wife discussing how to select an African American to be his partner at a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. It doesn’t get much better folks but for those who love this stuff we sure hope there’s a lot more on the way.

M.K. Perker continues his stellar work here with his blended styles of cartooning, caricature and straight up comic book style. I’m just glad he decided to leave the panels of seven minutes in heaven behind closed doors because my mind is much more twister than what he could of draw and now I think I’m a little bit scarred in the brain for it.

The people, I use that term loosely, in Todd’s life are clueless, selfish and disengaged with their responsibilities, especially, when it comes to children. Inherently this is a bad thing but in Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth it’s comedic masterpiece for those dark twisted souls such as myself. Jump on and enjoy the ride and you may want to check your morals and hygiene before you enter as well.


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