Thunderbolts #6 Review

Thunderbolts is back. It has not been a fun ride to say the least. However, I’m not one without giving a few chances. So does it finally reach its full potential?

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

• The team reaches the bloody end of their first mission!

• The final deadly team member is revealed!

Thunderbolts is the worst comic book I’m reading. There’s no story, the dialogue is extremely dull, and nothing important happens. This issue concludes the arc…it is quite possibly the worst issue aside from #4. The plot moves…but what if we just don’t care at this point? There’s virtually nothing good I can say about this issue.

Daniel Way decides to introduce a love triangle between Deadpool, Punisher, and Electra. It might sound funny on paper, but it’s not, it’s quite cringe worthy. The Leader has been probably the worst character, here he’s just an extremely pale version of his former self. He has contributed nothing to the story. Madman was interesting when he was first unveiled three issues ago, sadly he’s under-utilized. He does however get some okay dialogue sequences here. The best part might just be Mercy. Way writes her with a personality unlike any of the characters, I’m looking forward to seeing her with the cast.

Steve Dillon’s art isn’t actually as bad here. It’s nothing great, but at least the faces didn’t look too off. Sadly there are no standout pages because there’s virtually no action. You would think that a climax would have at least a fight as a payoff, but not Thunderbolts. The cover might be the best part of the whole comic, it’s pretty incredible. Sadly the story inside isn’t half as artistic.

Overall, Thunderbolts cannot be called a good series. This issue was just boring, nothing at all happened. There’s virtually no story, it’s even slightly confusing. I’ll give this book one more chance since a new arc is starting, but that’s it.


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