Thun’da #4 Review

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The latest issue of this re-imagined jungle saga starring an amnesia plagued protagonist is here, but does the series continue to be worthy of your time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The little peace Roger Drum has found among the peaceful Shareen is shattered when the feared Monkey Men invade the valley. Drum comes face to face with the speaking primates who are known for their ruthless savagery and insatiable blood lust!

Also reprints an original Thun’da story by Frank Frazetta!

Selling a story that takes place in a land full of talking primates, dinosaurs and cavemen with a main character that’s literally out of place (in more ways than one) can be an honest to goodness hard sell, but somehow this teams pulls it off.  Whether it’s because of the nicely handled art or the simple but mature script this story finds its footing while baring the load of some of its zanier elements.

Robert Place Napton offers up a tale that is an engaging read that from start to finish.  The dialogue is sturdy and simple, but it also lacks some boldness in its own narrative direction.  Despite that, the character progression is well defined as our protagonist moves forward in his own quest of self-discovery while attempting to deal with the Druthga.  There are some lackluster moments that bog down the pace but as a whole the author delivers on not only a satisfying extension of this franchise but on the promise of a journey to an ancient but dangerous land.

Cliff Richards handles the art and for the most part this release looks really good.  Each line and pencil stroke works in concert with the script to deliver a proverbial beacon of expertise as each panel ebbs and flows with a visceral realization of this lost land.  There are moments however where lowered quality gives way to some awkward physical deformities that threaten to derail an otherwise exemplary performance.  But the talent ultimately balances these minor missteps yielding a very solid package.

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Thun’da #4 continues to draw on its own innate strength and narrative history in order to move this engaging saga forward.  Recommended.


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