Thun’da #3 Review

Is this somewhat epic romp in the wilderness truly worthy of a comic buyers purchase?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Danger is everywhere but Roger Drum finds some unexpected allies when he meets the beautiful Pha, and her people–an intelligent race that offers him a safe haven in exchange for his help against the Cliff People.

Also reprints an original Thun’da story by Frank Frazetta!

This rumble in the jungle continues as our hero takes on the various tribes and threats surrounding him while attempting to deal with the appearance of attractive jungle woman.  If that doesn’t make for a complicated enough scenario our protagonist is slowly remembering what type of person he was before he came to this island… and he’s not liking what he’s seeing.

From the first word to the last series writer, Robert Place Napton, does an excellent job crafting a coherent story while allowing the kinetic feel of the first two issues to carry over seamlessly to this latest narrative chunk.  Bouncing from location to interaction to another location, some minor details and character development get lost in the fray but overall there’s a balance that works well enough to yield a solid tale.  I have to admit that I really enjoyed the expansion of the cast and the details about the island, but after that cliffhanger I am left eagerly anticipating next month’s release.

Cliff Richards takes on the art once again, and the talent does his job quite well.  His pencil strokes breath life into every single panel, as characters, animals and backgrounds get the attention to detail that they need to sell the authenticity of this experience.  I also have to mention the immaculate design sense that easily expands as the scope of the script calls for it.

Thun’da #3 is a good release that continues to push the series in the right direction, even if the relationships that are forming feel rushed and character development is starting to fall a bit behind.  In the end this issue earns a recommendation.


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