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Think Tank: Military Dossier #1 Review

Think Tank-Military Dossier 1_C
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What happens when you combine a slacker’s mentality with one of the smartest men in the world?  Apparently you end up with an absolutely fascinating protagonist and an engaging comic book, but is this latest one-shot worth your time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the process of the hottest new title form Minotaur Press! Hack into the classified personnel files of slacker genius Dr. David Loren and all the other characters you know and love from behind the concrete barricades of a DARPA contracted Think Tank! School yourself on the extended “Science Class” that further explores the real world science behind the Reaper drones, guided bullets, and much, much more never-before-seen tech! Cheaper than tuition to Cal Tech, it’s like breaking into a black box, but more fun.

Have you been a bit apprehensive about jumping into the now critically acclaimed series, Think Tank?  Do you find yourself to be a bit uneasy spending the money on characters and a franchise that you’re just not familiar with?  Well look no further than this exceptionally packaged release, as it steadily goes over the the main points of the ongoing saga while yielding a fun little sample in the process.

The script by Matt Hawkins offers some context via a brief but nonetheless entertaining bonus scene accompanied by a pile of somewhat random information.  From start to finish the author does an outstanding job highlighting the first arc along with key facts about the characters while simultaneously delivering the personality inherent in the narrative.  In short if you’ve never bought this title before this one-shot is a perfect way to jump in, but if you have don’t worry there’s still enough here for even devoted followers to enjoy.

Rahsan Ekedal doesn’t really get to deliver the exceptional pencil strokes fans are now more than used to seeing, but nonetheless his renditions are still solid. However the bulk of the art on display is merely reprints from previous issues.  But what’s new offers a very good glimpse into the overall style associate with the stellar series.

Think Tank: Military Dossier #1 is an excellent release that easily earns a recommendation.


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