Think Tank #9 Review

Is there still enough quality material left in this series to make yet another outing worthwhile?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“OUTBREAK,” Part One

Dr. David Loren used to worry about the deadly consequences of his creations from the safety of his laboratory… but now he’s been deployed to Taiwan to oversee a field test gone awry. Will having the mysterious SEAL Team 6 as his bodyguards be enough to ensure that David returns home alive?

If there’s one word that describes what happens in this latest issue it’s this: vulnerability.  Our protagonist up to this point has been a lovable slacker that the audience has indeed been impressed by as they most certainly enjoyed rooting for him, but this latest arc is stripping of his safety.  His emotions are right on the surface and the creative team capitalizes on that fact.

The series scribe, Matt Hawkins, uses his text to brilliantly set the story in motion as he drops readers right into the thick of it.  The innate sarcasm is present in the voice, but the situation Dr. David Loren currently finds himself to be stuck in is indeed forcing some unique reactions.  We see him do things that he might not be ready for and the results are interesting.  I especially enjoyed the subtle and perhaps blatant pokes at religion that both taunt and uplift the atheistic and believers point of view, to some it may come off as a bit off but for me it hit the right cords.

Rahsan Ekedal once again lends his pencil and from start to finish the work on display is beyond impressive.  From the character designs to the use of set pieces and military technology this illustrator has a firm grasp on the world that he gets to play in.  The visual aesthetics here are top notch, so much so that I have no complaints except to say I want more.

Think Tank #9 is one of the best comic books of the week and it might just be one of the best I’ve read, period.  Highly Recommended.


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