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Think Tank #4 Review

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Does this endlessly entertaining series continue to impress or has the overall quality started a steady decline?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The conclusion to the first arc of THINK TANK! Dr. David Loren, slacker genius, must escape the most secure facility in the world and then escape from Fort Meade in the heart of the Washington DC power corridor. The ultimate story of brains versus brawn and a commentary on America’s so-called exceptionalism and military industrial complex.

When this comic book was first announced I honestly didn’t know what I was going to think about it.  The concept of a slacker scientist locked into a government think thank who wanted to sever his ties with them in order to pursue his own life ambitions was on face value intriguing, but could it work as a monthly book?  Four months and four issues in I can smile and happily report: yes, yes it does.

Matt Hawkins absolutely delivers with this script.  The series writer and co-creator impresses with his shear level of cognitive control over both character and plot devices.  He’s taken Dr. David Loren and made him into someone that’s not just likable but also very relatable.  The end result is a main character you’re rooting for as the accomplished author leads our protagonist and the audience into a cliffhanger ending that honestly caught me completely off guard.

Rahsan Ekedal once again impresses with his art work.  The panel designs are structured as old fashioned as you get but they’re layered with lavish details that give life to this exciting romp.  Each moment, each character, each expression nails the cadence of the script in a way that really shines the light on this very talented artist.  The co-creator astounds especially on some of the later pages when a hefty amount of technology is thrown at the audience for good measure.

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Think Tank #4 is one of the smartest comic books that you’re likely to read this year.  If you’re not following this already stellar series then you have no one to blame but yourself, go out and buy a copy!  Highly recommended.


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