Things Are Starting to Look Up: Phil Noto Joins “Thunderbolts” in Issue 7

Throughout Marvel’s new NOW initiative, each book has been more or less hitting out of the park, except for one…Thunderbolts.

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Originally created by Kurt Busiek & Mark Bagely, Thunderbolts was a comic about a group of villains formed by Baron Zemo to destroy the Avengers, their plan qucikly changed in the aftermath of Onslaught’s attack (where both the Avengers & Fantastic Four were “killed”) wherein they took advantage of the power vaccum and became heroes. The original roster of the team consisted of Baron Zemo (Going by the alias of “Citizen V” a British hero he killed, classy), Songbird (formerly Screaming Mimi), Fixer, Mach I (formerly Beetle), Atlas (formerly Goliath), & Moonstone.

The team had a rotating roster every so often (with Archer Avenger Hawkeye even leading the team for a bit) and the book steadily grew in popularity. In the wake of Marvel’s Civil War, the book was retooled and the team became more of a government strike force (similar to DC’s Suicide Squad). Zemo left (being the only one who was still villainous) and everyone’s favorite psycopath, Norman Osborn, assumed control of the team. Warren Ellis & Mike Deodato were the creative team (which in my opinion was the book’s best run) mixing more character drama (both personal and team) action, and really pushing the redemption angle for some of the team. In addition they added Venom (now the former Scorpion Mac Gargan), Swordsman, Bullseye, & Penance (former hero Speedball) to the teams line-up.

The team would continue on the path of  “shadow ops” going through new members (including mercenaries Ghost & Paladin, the 3rd Ant-Man Eric O’Grady, & the second Black Widow; who was really the 1st one posing as her) until it’s most recent run before the reboot wherein Luke Cage began running it and the team consisted of: Moonstone, Songbird, Man-Thing, Crossbones, & Juggernaut.

All that history aside, the team once again got a reboot in the Marvel NOW stable; this time being headed by Red Hulk, the team now consists of the Punisher, Venom (now Flash Thompson), Elektra, & Deadpool. While sporting an ok storyline, the ultimate downfall in the newest run is the art. Artist Steve Dillon drags the book down with his weird facial expressions and almost everyone looking the same. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Starting in issue 7, Phil Noto (who has worked on numerous titles, including Uncanny X-Force, & one of my favs X-23) takes over for Dillon in what I’m sure will be a less jarring read for fans.

Now there, isn’t that better?

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  • IndigoMX9

    When Thunderbolts was first announced, many fans loved the idea of these characters coming together but loathed the creative team. Everything they said about them was correct. The book has been a huge disappointment. Steve Dillon’s art was OK and is better suited for a different book. Daniel Way took these five larger then life characters and created a boring, forgettable story. Phil Noto gives hope in the next story arc however Daniel Way needs to deliver a compelling story or Marvel should have a new writer for the next story arc.

    • Marcell Hines

      I agree, i thought the story was decent at best; but it wasnt nearly enough to hold my attention, what with the art style. I’ll give it another chance since Noto is artist now, but if Way can’t keep me with the story ill drop it again.