Thief of thieves 21

Thief of Thieves #21 Review

Thief of thieves 21

Thief of thieves 21_previewThief of Thieves #21 is, in a way, everything I love and hate about the series. It’s also starting to get a little dark, too, so readers may be surprised.

The official description from Image:

The first casualties on a new crime war mount up. Plus, learn just why they call him “Lola”…

This issue is a slow roller, but it has plenty of implications and character. That said, I do question whether it feels like an issue of Thief of Thieves. As the title suggests, this should be about heists – when it first started it was instantly liked to a comic version of Ocean’s Eleven. Now it feels very much like a one-man Redmond show. For all the aspects it introduced along the way, it constantly likes to throw them away and Thief of Thieves #21 is no different.

At least Andy Diggle understands Redmond. This is good, since everything revolves around him as a character. While I appreciate the flair for gangster characters – the back story on Lola is a fine example – the inability to stick to the comics original idea will be off-putting for some. However, if you like shady, angry characters than Diggle is writing the comic for you.

Visually, Shawn Martinbrough offers the same old pencils readers have been use to. It’s well detailed and Martinbrough has a strong flare for people. In terms of color, Adriano Lucas offers more of the same – this series relies too much on the blue and orange contrast. It’s all starting to look the same to me.

In short, while I like this issue, it doesn’t feel like Thief of Thieves. If you change the characters this could be a new title in it’s own right. I’ve loved the title until now but I think it’s starting to stray too far.

  • + Andy Diggle ups the stakes...
  • + A very personal, focused issue
  • - Drops a lot of characters/themes
  • - Isn't this, you know, about thieves?

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