Thief of thieves 18

Thief of Thieves #18 Review

Thief of thieves 18

thief of thieves bannerThere’s always that sense of anticipation when opening an issue of Thief of Thieves – the series thrives on such feelings of suspense, getting more and more tense with each issue as it builds up to various pay offs. Speaking of which, let’s see how Thief of Thieves #18 holds up.

The official description from Image:

The Godfather is not pleased. Will Conrad make a clean getaway, or double down for the biggest score of his career?
This issue demonstrates a keen understanding of the genre the series is trying to follow. The title is full of suspense, twists and turns, while still providing a dynamic and fluid read. The surprise hooks don’t come in bluntly, but just smoothly enough that you get as close enough to a doubleThief of thieves 18 take as you can when reading a comic book. In other words: good stuff.
Andy Diggle continues to show talent in writing this genre, as this issue shows an excellent use of pacing. It’s fast when it needs to be and slows down at other times, all the while ensuring the issue offers a satisfying read by its end. Few comics can offer that on a consistent basis, yet Thieve of Thieves #18 moves from one sub-plot to another, ensuring there is always something occurring of actual importance to the reader.
Visually, we have the art of Shawn Martinborough which continues to impress. The scenic setting of Italy makes this issue very beautiful at locations, with the architecture adding to the themes and providing some fresh setting. Likewise, the colors of Felix Serrano add depth and charm, although once again we have an over use of orange and blue contrasts. Heck, in one panel there’s a blue bird silhouette for no apparent reasons than for this purpose. It bugged me enough that I noticed it.
All in all, this is still a strong entry in the series. Thief of Thieves #18 is a perfect example of what the title does at its best.



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