Thief Of Thieves #7

Closing off the first arc, Thief of Thieves #7 shows what’s possible with a well thought out narrative, great visuals and a flare for story telling.

The official description from Image:

The conclusion of the first story arc of this hit new series! Unfortunately for Redmond, despite all his efforts to the contrary… nothing goes as planned.

This issue wraps up the first arc, but it also sets up the scene for future issues. The first 7 issues follows Redmond’s return to the criminal underworld, yet it also does in such a way to give the character depth, hubris and a little charm.

Redmond doesn’t want to be a thief, but unfortunately hes very, very good at it. This is the focus of Thief of Thieves #7. The issue wraps up the arc, including the previous heist and how Redmond was able to stop his criminal colleagues from being arrested. Its smart, clever and very well thought out. Whether this was due to Robert Kirkman’s story, or Nick Spencer’s writing, I’m not sure, but the dedicated and attention to detail can be seen on every page.

Likewise, the art continues to deliver a sense of mood and atmosphere. I’ve mentioned previously about the use of orange and blues, contrasted to create emotion and tension. Some might find it overused, but I found it really effective in this issue.

The best example of the art, and how it matches the thrilling narrative and genre, is the last page. A single panel, with one word of dialogue, perfectly poignant in its message. The creative team on Thief of Thieves know when to hold back, but they also know when a large panel of a still figure can evoke and even greater response.

My only complaint would be that there is a lot of focus on Redmond, but the other characters aren’t shown. This fits the plot and space of the issue, but may be disappointing considering they were only introduced an issue or two ago. Its not entirely clear whether this title will focus purely on Redmond, his character is the most fleshed out after all, or whether it will take time to follow the other members of his team.

In short, Thief of Thieves #7 is an excellent example of the series. Setting up the premise for the future arcs and plots, this is a great starting point for anyone who happens to be looking for something a little different, yet thoroughly exciting.


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