Thief of Thieves #16 Review

So, after teasing, talking and out-right telling us about it, Thief of Thieves #16 is finally getting ready for the big heist. Of course, this issue likes to tease – and not without a plot twist or two – so be prepared for suspense.

The official description from Image:

A sit down with the Godfather…
This issue is nothing but pure teasing, suspense and anticipation. Characters are ever excited, edgy or nefariously plotting. It gets back into what makes Thief of Thieves great, telling a classic heist story well. All the elements are there. Thief of Thieves #16 captures the ‘quite before the storm’ aspect fantastically.
Of course, credit has to go to Andy Diggle. Diggle writes the piece well, smoothly moving the characters around without confusing. There are many aspects and sides at the moment, so helping readers keep a clear head is always appreciated. It’s also got the slightly more edgy side seen in the early issues. Redmond is very much a man that doesn’t want to do what he does. He’s just very good at it; something the writing reflects.
The art is the same, but it works well with the material. Shawn Martinbrough knows characters and facial definition, which adds to the context. Likewise, Felix Serrano offers bright color, but also knows when to add shade and darker hues when required. If there’s one complaint, it is that there’s quite a bit of blue and orange. I know it makes for a very nice contrast, but people sure love to over do it. Standing back from the pages and looking through briefly is a clear way to notice this, but it’s also something you can pick up on from a second read. That contrast is best used for key scenes or panels, if you ask me (you probably didn’t).

All in all, minor hiccups don’t get in the way of what I’m really excited about: a promising return to form for Thieve of Thieves. If things keep going like this, the next few issues should be very enjoyable.