Thief Of Thieves #15 Review


Another potentially lackluster issue, Thief Of Thieves #15 feels a little underwhelming. That said, its teases and promises for the future do give it some weight and credit.

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It’s go time for Conrad’s Italian heist!

This is a good issue, but it’s a slow roller. My problem doesn’t lie with the issue itself, rather its constant hinting at what the series promised. When we first started Thief Of Thieves, we were introduced to Redmond. The title showed off the genre effortlessly, from the planned crime aspects to the cat and mouse chase between thief and cop. Whilst this is still being teased, there is a big difference between teasing and demonstrating fifteen issues in. Sometimes Thief Of Thieves delivers, other times it doesn’t.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t some great writing behind it, however. Andy Diggle understands the characters, as well as a few hallmarks of the genre. The writing set’s up a number of pieces and subplots that, whilst some may seem obvious, are none the less important. Perhaps this issue is simply the price to pay for a big set-up and pay-off in a few issues down the road – in which case, this issue may be more important for regular readers to pick up.

The art, however, is the usual high standard. That said, Shawn Martinbrough has very little new elements to work with, as this issue focuses on established characters and familiar settings; there’s none of the action of ‘epic shots’ from the previous few issues. That said, his work, combined with Felix Sarrano’s colors always give Thief Of Thieves a strong visual appeal.

In short, I’m in two minds regarding this issue. Thief Of Thieves #15 has all the elements that make the series great, it just might not have enough of them for this one issue.


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