Thief Of Thieves #11 Review


The start of a new plot, and with the promise of some actual ‘heist’ elements, Thief Of Thieves #11 is showing some promise for future issues, even if it only teases things out at this point.

The official description from Image:

The lines are drawn between the cartel and Augustus’ group in the race to save Emma. The only problem is that things could get a little grisly before either party is ready to strike.

This issue tries to deliver a bit of everything, and more or less succeeds. Building on previous issues and Augustus’ situation with the cartel, this issue sees some father and son time with Redmond. The writing does its best to portray a broken family and uneasy alliance, yet the short pacing might not work for some. Redmond is his usual self, deceptive and smarter than anyone else. by contrast, the writing almost makes Augustus look incompetent, which adds a depth to the characters resentment to his father.

Still, the main problem here is that the series is eleven issues in and there has been very little in the way of heists or anything more closely related to the genre that Thief Of Thieves seems to be dancing around. Sure, there have been flashbacks and small cut-scenes showing the middle of such heists, but there has yet to be a single such action shown from the beginning through to the end. Arguably, you could count Redmond’s plan to get into the FBI evidence room, but even that was a flashback after it happened.

Yet this does look promising. The cat and mouse set up between Redmond and the cartel is certainly interesting. There’s a hidden power play that seems to go back and forth between the characters; the writing makes sure the reader never truly knows who’s in control. This isn’t the kind of title where anything works out as planned, so you can expect lots of plot twists and surprises to follow.

The action does pick up near the end, however, and you get a real sense of things moving. The last page sets much up for future issues, and leaves you asking plenty of questions; just like any good crime thriller should.

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